Our first contact with Dorothy was at a stage we were desperate.

Our little girl was 3.5 months old and been through colic ( which was a nightmare, my heart sympathisers with any baby and parent going through this)

Basically our little baby would scream from 4pm till 10pm solid, unconscionable and couldn’t/ wouldn’t feed, we would try everything to soothe her, it took a hospital admission and so many nurses and drs to deem the diagnosis, we were told to toughen up and ride the wave. As first time parents this whole scenario was shocking.
To soothe her we would rock her, walk her, cuddle her, did baby wearing( front pack) but nothing really worked and at 3 months the screaming stopped but we were left with a baby that had no concept of sleep or how to get to sleep, she was constantly over tired grumpy, unhappy, we couldn’t take her any where cause she was such and unsettled baby, it sounds awful but after enduring all that you start to think why did I have a child, and how can everyone else make this look easy.

So to get through the days I was having to front pack her, so up to 30 hours per week I had the front pack on, it was beyond exhausting and after sleepless nights the thought of wearing the front pack almost all day made me want to run, I questioned if I had post natal depression as I had never felt so physically and mentally exhausted in my life, we had no support and I have never had so many people ask me why I couldn’t cope like other mums. I felt like I was dying on the inside. I was full of anxiety, self doubt and I had never failed at something so miserably, after all the screaming of colic we refused to leave her in a cot to scream it out.

So Dorothy was our fairy god mother, from the first Skype session a weight had lifted! She explained in detail how we got to this point ( colic ) and how to get out of this dark hole,
She started with me, vitamins, protein shakes, etc
She went through Our babies entire history and picked out the most important points and sent us to work, tongue tie being one of them.

I can honestly say I have never had someone listen and create a plan so easily and gracefully, she knows her stuff and she knows it well.

We implemented change as of the next day, she supported us and told us it would be tough.
Yes it was tough but her gentle methods have taken us from a front pack 30 hours per week ( baby sleeping 45 mins max ) to a beautiful happy baby that goes down in her cot wide awake and falls asleep without any patting, rocking, swaying etc, no crying, she cuddles up and finds her sleep, this all happen in less than 2 months.

Yes that probably sounds like ages but seriously as a parent you do anything to help your baby sleep.
I now feel like a millionaire, my life has changed so much that I now have to pinch myself and count my blessings as to how lucky I feel, I can now enjoy my little girl, and Dorothy gave us the tools to help parent her and guide her with her sleep, I honestly never thought it be possible.

Dorothy is kind, giving, generous and always always takes time to respond to you and support you, she covers every detail and our family will internally grateful for her kindness and skill.
It’s hard work, but if you trust her you will get there, I never thought it would be possible but we have, Dorothy’s help is worth ever penny and more!

Re reading this to myself makes me cry due to how far we have come.