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Dorothy is down to earth and kind hearted and this infuses how she works with babies and parents. I have been so grateful for Dorothy’s ongoing support! The principals in her book are such a solid foundation to work with and came at the perfect time for us – her settling techniques (side settling, hand on chest, cupping, face stroking, engulf hold etc) have been invaluable to us and I find myself still cycling through them as needed! Also the timeframes she lays out in her book really clarified things for us and made things less baffling for me as I started to understand why my babe might be getting upset at particular times. I am SOOO happy to have connected with Dorothy and will recommend her book to any new parent as well as a one on one session with Dorothy where she listens intently to your needs and lifestyle and responds with wisdom and empathy.
Lozzy Rose – September 2019

Dorothy made a huge difference in our household. I was so sleep deprived when I contacted Dorothy that I broke down in tears. With her help, we have found a sleeping pattern for our son that works and we are all feeling much more rested.
I highly recommend Dorothy 😃
Lucy Harding – September 2019

I called Dorothy when I was completely broken. My daughter would scream for hours on end and only sleep on me day and night after being rocked to sleep for hours. She is now 15 weeks old and sleeps in her bassist day and night, has a solid awake/asleep routine and is a calm happy baby. I owe Dorothy the world for helping me and enabling me to enjoy my daughter and have her happy and content. I couldn’t put a price on these huge changes and I’ll be forever grateful. Call her now!
Nicole Alyce – August 2019

We reached out to Dorothy when our little girl was 14 weeks. Poor little girl hadn’t done longer than a three hour stretch at night since birth. She also had silent reflux and was beginning to wake up hourly with a dummy and only sleeping for 20 minutes at a time on her own in the day. We were beyond exhausted.
Dorothy came to our home for an in home consult and was with us for four hours. We found her kind, caring and very knowledgeable and we felt really at ease with her. Within her stay she managed to get baby girl to self settle in her cot (no dummy). And taught us resettling techniques to help make my days and night wakes easier. She also gave irreplaceable advise on how to manage reflux and improve my own wellbeing.
We then had support from Dorothy for a month where she was quick to respond, repetitive in her advise so it stuck and really reassuring.
Our daughter is now 19 weeks. Self settles for every sleep (she loves her bed and we don’t even hear from her when we put her down awake). Her sleep has been rapidly improving at nights to the point she slept a 10 hour stretch last night with no dummy! And did her first hour and a half stretch on her own in the day. Our baby is beyond happy and in her own room. Her dad is back in bed and no longer on the couch! And mum is a lot more rested and relaxed. Thank you so so much Dorothy! If you want a more gentle approach to improve your babies sleep I would highly recommend her.

Amanda Holmes – August 2019

Dorothy helped me teach my 6 week old who wouldn’t sleep more than 10 mins at a time to sleep – at 4 months she now sleeps 11 hours over night and has 2+ hour naps. I couldn’t recommend Dorothy enough!
Heather McKeown – August 2019

Thank you so much Dorothy for all your help, from making day routine for our litlle boy to sorting his sleep out. It was so lovely to meet Dorothy, somone who actually listens to you and your motherly problems, and then talks to you and guides you thru everything that you have your concerns with. Definitely would recommend Dorothy to anyone who have any questions or concerns around their lovely babies, Dorothy is here to help.😊 Thank you again, Gloria
Gloria Vager – June 2019

After discovering and working closely with Dorothy with our first son (after a very rough 5 months), we decided to refresh what we learned by reading her book and apply this to our second son from day one. It’s absolutely true, you simply cannot spoil a newborn. What a difference this had made in our first 4 months. Our two experiences couldn’t be more far apart. Thank you D! Can’t wait for your second book!
Jacqui Marks – June 2019

Dorothy was really great to work with. We needed more help that we realised, and Dorothy started right from the beginning, looking at diet, and really helped us make some great improvements in fixing diet first and foremost. This was followed by lots of sleep recommendations and we saw some great improvements. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very generous with her time. We really appreciated her desire to just get things fixed for us.
Debbie Jones – May 2019

Dorothy has been a complete star 🌟 I went to her when my baby was 11 months old (2 months ago) and was still waking every 2-3 hours over night for feeds and not sleeping properly through the day. Our intitial Skype call was very thorough and the follow ups have been wonderful. I find her to be very compassionate and understanding of our individual needs. My baby is now in his own room and sleeping through the night. He is still breastfed to sleep but is able to self settle through the night which is amazing! Without her continued support he might still been waking constantly through the night, not resettling and leaving both of us with very little sleep. I would highly recommend Dorothy.
Katie Berry – May 2019

Dorothy is a god send. My family was at breaking point our 6 month old would only sleep on the breast during the day and if moved woke straight away. At night she was up every 2-3 hours. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Dorothy gave us a plan and gentle methods to stop the continuous feeding and teach my 6 month old how to sleep independently whilst at the same time giving her all the love and reassurance she needed to find her sleep. I Had almost resigned myself to the fact my 6 month old would sleep on me forever. Dorothy taught us that sleep is a learned behavior and part of being a mother is to help teach my baby how to sleep. There were hard parts but I knew I wasn’t doing damage as I was always there with my child and never left her alone to sleep. I always repeated time, acceptance, consistency and tranquility to help me remember it doesn’t happen overnight. My daughter now has regular naps during the day , in her cot and sleeps through most nights. Only waking if teething or in pain. We are forever grateful for Dorothy’s help and the hope she gave us that we too could have our sleep back.
Nena Denver-Stevenson – May 2019

We had an 8 week old baby who wouldn’t sleep unless held. He was sore all the time and windy and throwing up. Dorothy was so easily contactable. She would email me for updates and reply promptly. When everything started to fall apart and I had tried everything I could to get our baby to sleep she was our next step. After our first Skype session I felt ready to tackle our 8 week olds’ issues – she helped to devise a step by step plan to work through the problems he was having. She was always so kind and positive about our choices and backed me up when I told her my gut feelings about why our baby was struggling so much. Because of her belief in this I was able to access help and put him on neocate formula, probiotics, start work with an osteopath and we finally got a diagnosis of tongue, lip and cheek ties through a lactation consultant. He is now sleeping so much better, is in less pain and learning how to feed properly after having his ties lasered. I went from having a seriously unhappy child with reflux, intolerance and ties to a child who smiles, eats and sleeps more freely. Dorothy knew I was probably right when I said I thought he was intolerant to milk and had ties and she helped me to access the help we needed. When you’re a parent you often feel like you don’t know what’s wrong but she assured me that my gut was right.
Shelley Frith – April 2019

Dorothy has been so helpful in so many ways, from sleep to self settling to solids, bathing, changing, burping, nurturing. She exceeded my expectations and we received a lot of ongoing support from her. Thank you so much Dorothy for answering all my many questions. I feel I have learnt so much and I have become confident along the way. So grateful to have had your help and input on our lives. Bless you xx
Alice Ng – April 2019

Dorothy has been such a great support over these last few weeks following our consultation call. While we haven’t got to where we want to be yet (my baby has colic/reflux and other issues so it hasn’t been straightforward), I feel so much better knowing I have a plan and it feels like a good balance between gentle/nurturing and allowing him to learn to settle himself. I like how Dorothy has a holistic focus and gives advice beyond just sleep. Dorothy was incredibly generous with her time and I feel like I got great value out of the calls.
Leanne Hopkins – April 2019

I had a consultation with Dorothy only three nights ago in for the first time in 7 months my twins have slept through the night for the last two nights😊 with no crying it out methods👌 it has been truly amazing I owe my life to Dorothy at this point thank you so much I feel like a new women
Amber Rose – March 2019

Dorothy has been a tremendous support for our family since we contacted her when our twin boys were 5 months old. I was at the end of my rope and heading into a dark hole of depression. Dorothy listened, understood, guided and supported us. She identified Tom’s silent reflux with just a short conversation, after medical professionals told us it was simply teething. From there, she helped us get the boys into a sleep routine with a nurturing and loving approach. We went away on holiday recently and the boys were sensational, with sleeping and adjusting to a new environment. My husband told me it was testament to the routine we had worked so hard to instill. Our boys are almost 1 and we are a strong happy family unit. Dorothy’s support has helped us get there, we highly recommended giving her a call.
Kelly Roulston – February 2019

We are a young family which arrived in NZ three years ago and became parents for the first time this year. Our baby boy had difficulties sleeping waking up every hour and a half and some days even every 45 minutes. We were exhausted and frustrated and we didn’t had any family support as they live abroad. A friend introduced us to Dorothy, we jumped in and started to make some changes. It was tough work but after 2 months and constant support and checks from Dorothy our son is sleeping much better! We can’t thank Dorothy enough. Totally recommend her services.
Nicolas Mankiewitz – January 2019

Dorothy is AMAZING. Within 2 weeks our 15 month old boy went from waking every hour overnight and breastfeeding back to sleep to sleeping all through the night without any intervention from us. He has also extended his day nap by himself from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. We are all a much happier family now. And all done in such a gentle way that suited our parenting style and maintained our son’s trust in us. We just wish now that we had contacted Dorothy much sooner. Don’t hesitate to get Dorothy’s help.
Lisa Trass – December 2018

My wee 4 month old reflux baby was waking every 2 hours throughout the night from birth. I had so many uncertainties as I had never had a reflux baby. Dorothy was a wealth of knowledge, confidence and support as she guided me to drastically improve his night sleeps and day time routine within 10 days. She was available to answer all of my questions and all if her advice resulted in direct improvement. I feel so more informed, confident and better rested. I also love knowing my wee 1 is on the right track and is getting the rest he needs. Thank you so much Dorothy, I can’t speak high enough of you x
Siarn Stowers – November 2018

Dorothy has been such a huge help with our young twins, guiding us through sleep issues, feeding up and downs and then just a fabulous sounding board for all things baby. I highly recommend Dorothy and her services!!
Sonya Peters – November 2018

Dorothy has been amazing for us helping with our little man! Has a lot of knowledge and goes above and beyond! Thank you very much Dorothy, really appreciate it!
Chanelle Lindsay – October 2018

Dorothy has made a massive difference to my little man and me. I called for help as my 4 month old had been waking every hour since birth and I was really struggling with the sleep deprivation. I needed to do something but just couldn’t bring myself to follow a strict sleep training approach at such a young age. From the very first call, Dorothy was amazing and so generous with her time and advice. Her approach fits perfectly with where I’m at with my little man and I’ve learnt some really valuable skills to help us in our journey to a full nights sleep! Dorothy’s care also extended to me personally and I found her support and empathy for my family situation just wonderful. I’ve loved her straight talking, warm and humorous approach and will be getting back in touch with her for any future sleep challenges we have!
Danic Holgado – October 2018

Almost 4 years exactly after I went to one of your baby sleep sessions in Upper Hutt, Wellington, I had my second child. I used your settling and sleep guides with my firstborn from 10 weeks old. It was great. He didnt end up completely self settling, or sleeping through immediately, it took a while, but after stressful weeks of “cry it out”, your gentle method changed our lives. He became a “transportable baby”. We could settle him anywhere, and sleep became something I felt we were in control of, even though we decided not to pursue “self settling” completely or “sleeping through” until he was weaned at 19 months. I was working full time from 7 months and our routine meant I wasn’t missing out on sleep, although he was still waking once in the night. We transitioned him to his own bed completely and staying in his own bed through the night, about 6 weeks before his baby sister was due. 4 years old! Because of your gentle, sensible method, I felt comfortable about this new baby arriving. I was calm with my firstborn, but I was looking forward to starting your method on my 2nd child straight away. After 9 weeks of settling in arms, I felt she was ready to try self settling. She has now self settled without any crying for a while now, and has even slept through the last two nights! She had about 2 days of cat naps, and so I started the “getting in there at 45 mins to resettle”, after 2 naps like that she was no longer cat napping. I even dug out the piece of paper you handed out with sleeping and wake guides,and she’s spot on!

Even if she regresses, I’m okay with that, because I feel like I have great tools to help her settle and sleep well. Thanks so much Dorothy!
Cheri Silver – October 2018

Thank you so much for all your help via our Skype call, we contacted Dorothy for help to get our little one to take the bottle, we got so much great advice and tips to help us, not only with transitioning to the bottle but also to help with sleep and embarking on solids! I would not hesitate to recommend her services to empower anyone. After the call you don’t get left on your own the follow up is extremely through! Thank you again for your help!
Francene Picot – September 2018

I sought out Dorothy’s help because my beautiful 16 month old was waking at least 6 times a night and it was taking it’s toll! Dorothy was absolutely lovely to deal with, gave me great suggestions to fit my particular circumstances.
We are still working on it but we now only have 1 or 2 wake ups a night.
I can’t thank Dorothy enough!
Courtney Hall – September 2018

We came to Dorothy with our twin girls only having 30 to 45 minute naps during the day and waking up many many times throughout the night. As you can imagine this was leaving us very exhausted!

Dorothy gave us very clear guidelines in a plan we could easily implement.

Very quickly the girls learnt how to self soothe and there naps are now 1.5 to 2hrs during the day and at night they are almost sleeping right through the night without help.

I am so impressed with Dorothy’s approach. She is absolutely excellent. Wow what an incredible improvement and now my husband and I feel so much better as we are getting almost a full nights sleep! Thank you so much Dorothy. Highly recommend getting Dorothy on board to help your little one learn how to self soothe and sleep better.
Monique Riddle – July 2018

I contacted Dorothy when my twins were 9 months and were having 3-4 20mins naps. My poor girls were exhausted and just didn’t seem to be able to connect their cycles. They are now having two 1.5 hour naps and the difference is amazing. Dorothy helped us develop a new routine, gave us plenty of good tips and strategies to embed the routine.
We used Skype for our contact and that worked well, also very convenient being at home. I wish I had of contacted her earlier.
Chloe Henry – July 2018

Thank you so much for your advice and support over the last few weeks! We no longer have hourly wakings at night
Amy Bird – July 2018

Went to a talk by Dorothy today. So reassuring and practical. Brilliant insights. Uses common sense when as a first time mother yours may have deserted You!!
Andrea Hamilton – April 2018

Dorothy Waide is the mother of all baby whispers. She advice us the right tools and techniques to settled our 18month old toddler.
After months of interrupted sleep we were at our wits ends. She’s amazing, knowledgeable and the amount of experience is unbelievable.
Thank you so much for saving us and give us our sleep back.
Emily Jerd – April 2018

Dorothy Waide is the mother of all baby whispers. She advice us the right tools and techniques to settled our 18month old toddler.
After months of interrupted sleep we were at our wits ends. She’s amazing, knowledgeable and the amount of experience is unbelievable.
Thank you so much for saving us and give us our sleep back.
Synay Mal – April 2018

As first time parents, we sought advice on sleep from Dorothy when bubs was 7 weeks old to set us on the right path.

With her nurturing and instinctive approach, Johnny quickly learnt to self-settle and re-resettle himself with little stress for him or us.

Not only did she share her extensive knowledge on Sleep, but our conversations included nutrition, feeding, swaddling, teething, introducing solids and much more.

We found Dorothy holistic, practical and super generous with her time. She was supportive, reassuring and a voice of reason when needed also.

We highly recommend her services, book, videos and webstore!

Thank you!!
Ben & Rebecca – March 2018

I contacted Dorothy during a podcast after a hideous experience with another sleep consultant. My daughter at 4 months had just been diagnosed with CMPI after a terrible time, as well as an undiagnosed tongue tie finally lasered, we had saved up to get some help to get her to sleep better but we felt forced in to cry it out which was horrific for us. Dorothy was supportive, informative and empathetic she not only provided sleep advice but also food advice and emotional support. We had ongoing struggles with her sleeping, being unsettled and screaming for hours all of this took a toll on my mental health and I was diagnosed with PMD, Dorothy yet again was support and provided practical tips. I was in regular contact with Dorothy asking for advice as we hit different struggles like the 6 month “sleep regression”, the I can roll over but not back again, the don’t put me down screamathon, the 3am morning up for the day, Dorothy was always able to offer suggestions that went along with my parenting style and that were sensitive to my mental health. Now my daughter is 8 months old and sadly our health struggles are far from over but Dorothy continues to be one of the only professionals that is looking at our daughter as a person not a number or just one amoungst the many, Dorothy has been invaluable during the last 8 months and as we go through this next stage we know we can always turn to her for support in all aspects of parenting.
Emma Chattington – February 2018

I hesitated to ask for help for quite a while but wish I had called Dorothy much sooner. I’m so grateful to her for sorting us out. Our little girl started sleeping 11hrs a night with greatly improved day sleeps almost immediately after we implemented Dorothy’s advice, with no crying it out. She also helped us establish a good routine to help me transition back to work. I really appreciated that Dorothy’s advice was wide ranging and practical, including looking at my wellbeing. She was also extremely helpful and caring when our wee girl got bad nappy rash and misdiagnosed as lactose intolerant. Thanks Dorothy for guiding us through the rollercoaster of new parenthood, for making us feel that it was ok to ask for help, and for making me a much more confident mother! I’m sure I’ll speak to you again!
Maree Wilson – February 2018

Dorothy is a lifesaver. When I first contacted Dorothy I was a severely sleep deprived first time mum at a total loss of what to do with our 4 month old son who was waking 4-5 times a night and not napping well during the day. She came for a home visit and spent the afternoon with us discussing new strategies and making a new plan that was totally personalised to our son and our lifestyle. He is sleeping so much better now and is a happier boy and I’m a happier mum. After talking with and then meeting Dorothy she provided the reassurance I needed and it wasn’t long before my confidence was back. We can’t thank you enough Dorothy!xx
Sally Crook – January 2018

Dorothy was an absolute life saver helping us with our second little girl. She provided us with so much fantastic knowledge, advice and reassurance which proved invaluable. And after numerous doctors & specialists visits, Dorothy was the only person to pick up on her tongue tie, which after it was dealt with, meant that we had a completely different little girl!
Georgie Sanders – January 2018

Twice I have sent an SOS out to Dorothy and both times she has helped me out immensely. The first time I needed her help was with my very unsettled 8 week old daughter who seemed to scream all day and struggled to get to sleep (anywhere!). The second time was when my 5 month old son (who had been sleeping with no issues) started waking every hour though the night. After contacting Dorothy I was immediately able to implement strategies she gave me to help my babies settle better and as I continued to work with her I could consolidate this. Dorothy’s approach is specific to the age of the baby/child, it is multifaceted and she works with what you are comfortable with as a parent.
Bridget Read – January 2018

Dorothy was amazing for us! She was so easy to get along with, asked all the right questions to get the bottom of our 1 yr olds eating issues. She was still on pureed food refusing mashed and chunky foods, night waking often, reflux issues. She lead us in the right direction even after seeing three specialist who had no answers for us. Dorothy recommended an ENT specialist who found she had a rare prosterior tongue tie at the back of her throat at 16 months old. She is now booked in to have this fixed next month and it is a big life changer for us!
Amie Whitelaw – January 2018

We cannot thank Dorothy enough for helping us with our second son. From 8 weeks old he was grizzly and unhappy with reflux and a sore tummy. I asked Dorothy to come for a visit and she immediately discovered he was not latching correctly and sucking in air. We had a tongue and lip tie addressed upon her referral to a specialist and I came home with a different baby. He is now 6 months old, sleeping through the night and very contented. Thank you so much Dorothy for your advice and expertise, you are a wealth of knowledge.
Shona Brereton – January 2018

My daughter was born with toungue tie. We had such a difficult time with feeding to start off with.

Week 3 my daughter started suffering from reflux and colic. Screaming for an average of 1.5 to 3 hours after each feed. So this ment very little sleep and bad habits started. I felt at the time I needed to do whatever I could to survive. I held onto her, rocked her and carried her in my front pack.

We tried everything, colic calm, infacol, rhuger, gaviscon etc. Nothing helped our daughter with her reflux or colic.

Things started calming down with our daughters reflux and colic from week 11. However she would not go down in her bed for more then 15 to 30 minutes. I felt awful and had to go against the one thing I said I’d NEVER do. I had very bad guilt for this for a long time. But my mental health needed it and my girl needed some sort of sleep. I started co sleeping. I still had to bounce, cuddle and use a dummy to get her to sleep but once asleep I’d slowly make our way into my bed for her sleep. I’d do this for EVERY sleep. She was on me all the time.

By 5 months I was so tired, exhausted and my whole body was hurting. I didn’t get much sleep with every movement my girl made I woke up. Not to mention she still got up every 1 to 3 hrs. Usually 1 hour.

Now once again I tried everything to get her to sleep in her cot! Or I felt like I had. I tried letting my girl “cry it out” but her persistence and strength to keep screaming when she doesn’t like something WILL last for hours, not to mention the vomiting after she screamed her lungs out. She doesn’t fall asleep on her own let alone stay asleep for more then an hour or so. I had one professional come and admit defeat. That I had to do whatever I could to survive. I honestly felt helpless.

I contacted Dorothy after yet another mental breakdown. I was exhausted and I couldn’t see an end. To be honest…. I truly didn’t think I’d see the day where my girl would sleep in her cot I spent so much money on!.

With Dorothys help we looked at feeding and sleeping. Finally I had someone help me see the whole picture. I saw things that I was/wasn’t doing once we got talking. We came up with a plan on how we were going to get my girl into her bed.

I started with our plan the next day. It was tough to begin with but I saw a difference starting at day 3. This kept me going. By day 5 my girl slept in her cot with only me tapping her. I couldn’t believe it! It’s like I won lotto. My daughter actually went in her cot with minimal fuss and not only slept but fell asleep without me bouncing, rocking etc.

It’s been 1.4 weeks now and my girl goes into her cot awake. With a reassuring kiss goodnight and a gentle tap she falls asleep. No screaming!. I am still getting up to resettle through the night but the length is becoming longer and longer as she is learning to self settle. Dorothy has saved my life! I’m getting so much more sleep and my daughter is getting better quality sleep too. Mentally I truly needed a miracle and I didn’t think this would happen let alone happen within 5 days and little screaming and fuss. I am just so grateful and I regret not contacting Dorothy sooner. The last 6 months may have not been so traumatizing if I did.

Thankyou so much Dorothy. You don’t know how much this means to me.
Name withheld

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“Dorothy’s knowledge of babies and small children is vast, and her skills both as a baby nurse and nanny are phenomenal. Dorothy made us feel safe both in our role as parents and whenever we left her in charge of our son when travelling”.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones


“Taking us step by step through the realities of being parents so joyfully and simply has certainly helped us make the transition from a family of two to a family of three”.
Russell and Danielle Crowe