I first met Dorothy at a coffee group when my first was 5 weeks old and the advice you gave us then really resonated with me. The videos give you a bit of Dorothy in your home at any time of the day or night.
Dianne Sugrue – January 2017

Dorothy.. thank you sooo much!!! Dorothy started helping us when our wee man was about 5-6 weeks old, suffers from reflux and sleeping was almost non-existent during the day and took so long to get him to settle at night. Dorothy taught us about settling him to sleep and most importantly gave me confidence in my ability as a mum. She is so generous with her time and patient and I cannot thank her enough, I don’t know where we would’ve been without her help as we now have a great little sleeper and very happy baby, mum and dad. Dorothy not only helped with sleeping but also starting solids, the right formula to be on for his reflux and just everything really!! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Dorothy, you are just fantastic.
Jody McCullough – July 2016

My family started working with Dorothy early on, when my daughter was roughly 4 weeks old. As a first time mum with a silent reflux baby (diagnosed by a specialist) we were all getting no sleep and starting to fall in to a black hole, lots of crying from both bubs and mum. Dorothy taught me the tools to teach my baby to self settle and resettle. Some of the changes were instant, others took a lot of time and acceptance. Some days i felt like giving up, but I persevered and am happy to say it has all paid off.
If you are having a rough time and are unsure where to go for help, definitely reach out to Dorothy you will be thankful to her later.
Kylie Colclough – April 2016

Happy to recommend Dorothy. My first child didn’t start sleeping through the night till 2 years and I was very keen for number two to have better sleeping habits from the start. Just having a few chats with Dorothy as bub was 2 months to 4 months was helpful for me, helped me to feel confident that I’ve been doing the right things, or tweaking what I had been doing. Thank you.
Diana Meek – October 2015

Dorothy was a god send for us as first time parents and sought her help with our baby when he was around 8 weeks old. We found Dorothy to be really responsive, not a clock watcher and gave us confidence and practical advice. Her no-nonsense, personal, and practical approach worked really well for us, and discussing our questions with her over email, Skype, in person or by phone was always fun and a bit of a laugh which, when you are doubting your abilities as a new mum was refreshing! We have already recommended Dorothy to other friends who I know have found her to be totally professional and super helpful. We won’t hesitate to reach out for her help again when we need it.
Sheridan Lang – September 2015

My son Martin was around 10 weeks when I talked to Dorothy.
I was at my wits end as Martin was suffering from bad wind and Martin, crying non-stop and was unable to burp or fart. Infacol had been working since five weeks but seemed to have stopped. The only way to get him to sleep was to hold him upright which was exhausting day after day.
I was feeling like a failure as a mum, and had no idea what I was doing, and felt ashamed to find help. I had been to one of Dorothy’s coffee sessions and found her gentle “nurture” perspective great. She provided me with tools and a framework including, awake times, burping techniques, settling and resettling, looking at my diet, looking at treatments such as osteopathy and her Dorothy drops, which really empowered me to find my confidence in being a mum.
Her advice was practical and encouraging and I would highly recommend her services to anyone. Martin is a completely different baby now, being able to pass wind better, going to sleep by himself and began sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. I’m so thankful to her for encouraging and equipping me to be a better mum for martin without feeling pressured.
When I have any questions about Martin at all I will not hesitate to use Dorothy again.
Koreen Liew-Young — June 2015

Our household is incredibly thankful for Dorothy. Our little boy (who was a brilliant sleeper) became very unwell after his 6 week Rotavirus vaccine. What followed was 6 weeks of severe stomach cramping. This was the beginning of the rocking and feeding to sleep, which became a hard habit to break. I reached out to Dorothy after reading countless books and consulting another sleep consultant, who’s methods ultimately caused more stress for me and my little one. Dorothy’s realistic and compassionate approach to change gave us the confidence that things would change, but it would take time. Every day things get better and I am confident with how to approach issues as they arise. I would recommend Dorothy to anyone who needs some support. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and for us it has allowed us to enjoy our gorgeous wee boy even more.
Anne Boothroyd April 2015

Dorothy is a miracle, she is the best, every single tip works for us. My twin girls are super easy babies because I used all the techniques I’ve learned with Dorothy since birth.
Thank you for being such a great person.
Much love from me, Grant, Ruby and Olivia xxx
Claudia Pereira — February 2015

Dorothy was so generous with her time and expertise at a point when we really needed help with getting our baby to sleep after an extended stay in hospital. We now have a happy healthy 3 month old and Dorothy’s methods have been instrumental in achieving this!
F x
Florence Evans – 2014

Dorothy helped us since our daughter was 8 weeks old. We couldn’t thank you enough for practical help and advice we have been getting. Highly recommend to new parents! A+++
Lily Huang – September 2014

Although excited to welcome my first born in to the world, I must admit there was a bit of trepidation as to how my life was going to be turned upside down, especially with all the comments about the “sleepless nights” and “screaming fits” from seasoned parents who seemed to revel in my impending suffering. Dorothy’s advice and learning’s have meant that we get to keep our sanity as well as enjoy all the best parts of being a parent. Not just a recommendation to other parents, it’s mandatory!
Mike Covich – August 2014

Happy to recommend Dorothy to anyone who wants to be fast tracked to success. Her tactic was trying at the beginning for 1 maybe 2 weeks of learning to self settle but that’s nothing for what results we ended up with. Its well worth getting her services at the beginning i.e 2nd week at home so you are set up from the get go. I’m a very self sufficient mum and my husband is a hands on dad, we like working it out but what Dorothy knows is something we would of never figured out. This would make an amazing gift to new parents (like we received) – they’ll thank you when they figure it all out. Dorothy you are a bloody genius.
Jess Covich – August 2014

My partner and I just wanted to thank you ever so much for spending time helping us out with our little girl over the last month.
We’ve begun to really enjoy our her thanks to the routine that you put in place for us, and having a little one now seems so much more manageable.
You were wonderful to have in our home and provided us with the reassurance and advice that we needed.
Your service to us has been not only incredibly valuable but we both found you to be a really likeable, friendly and caring person.
Can’t thank you enough! Keep on doing what you do. You are a saving grace for so many families.
Name withheld – 2014

Dorothy is AMAZING. Understanding babies is her total genius. Her tips and strategies are practical, nurturing and will make your life a whole lot easier. My family LOVES Dorothy and can’t thank her enough for all she has done to make our transition to parenthood easier.
Tammy Hume – 2014

Dorothy you are amazing! I had a brief Facebook conversation with you a few weeks ago about my then 11 week old, you gave practical advice and made me feel good about my parenting choices, especially the fourth trimester idea. As I have learnt and journeyed into parenting, I have had rough patches and been overwhelmed by advice. You made me feel so uplifted at that point in time and I still think about your advice often. So thank you for posting FAQ’s on YouTube and for the work you do. I will not hesitate to enlist your help and services if we need to in the future. Thank you again!

I read in a magazine somewhere that you said nurture for the first 12 weeks then choose a parenting style and stick to it, at least 80% of the time. It was great because we have a more attachment style of parenting, that we stick to….about 80% of the time lol. It is so uplifting to be advised to be flexible, not regimental like so many books and some people recommend ( in parenting I mean). Keep up the great work and support of new and been there done that but it’s not working again parents lol – Emma

Dorothy provides support way above and beyond what would be expected. She’s an unbelievable advisor, and helped me through a very rough time with my beautiful little girl. I’m not sure what I would have done without her over the last few weeks. Its wonderful to have advice from one reliable source, rather than going in circles with advice from Google and other well meaning mums. I’m SO grateful for her help.
Jen van Bleck

Dorothy is never too busy to help mums and babies in need of support – especially re: feeding & sleeping issues – and she is so passionate about what she does. Whatever your concern she will work with you and your baby until you feel happy and confident to continue in a way that works for you. Highly, highly recommend!! PS – I don’t get any extra benefit for writing this, I just feel that this is the least I can do to show my gratitude and support 🙂
Nicki Ball – 2013

Thanks for this email – I went to bed last night feeling much happier after reading it I’ve also just had a read through of your Q&A on facebook from last night and like you say, it seems that a lot of people start to have issues with night waking once their babies are around 8mths if they haven’t learned to resettle in their day naps. The future routine that you outlined sounds very sensible – good to know that she will continue to have 1hr30min nap times, so what we are doing now will translate well later on….
I did read the 4th Trimester article and wish all new mums were given this to read from day one – I think it would make for much more relaxed mums who felt like they could enjoy their babies and just go with whatever their individual sleep/feed pattern happened to be, without worrying about whether “bad habits” were forming in those first 12 weeks!
Thanks for the reasurance that she will learn to resettle despite the reflux – that was the main thing that was worrying me, that there might be this roadblock that was going to make it never happen despite our best efforts. But if you are confident that she’ll get there despite the reflux then I trust you and your experience! And with that peace of mind then yes I am very happy to enjoy the cuddles I get from resettling in arms while I still can – and she is actually quite good at resettling herself in arms with minimal cupping and shushing so that is promising! She isn’t too distressed / in pain from the reflux so we will hold off on the drugs unless that happens – we were only considering the drugs as we thought they might help with her sleep but if you think she’ll be fine without them then all good!
The cranial osteopath took a history and then did some gentle work on her abdomen and head – she didn’t say too much except that her day & night sleep patterns were quite typical, in her experience, for babies with silent reflux. I’m seeing her again on Monday and then I imagine one more session and then we’ll see.
Finally – thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy my gorgeous girl – I needed that!
Have a great rest of your weekend
(name withheld)

A big thank you for teaching me your settling technique. …
As a sufferer of post natal depression and anxiety it is so empowering to know that I now have a structured approach to settling my newborn, rather than wondering what lengths I might have to go to get him to sleep today.
I love that it teaches him that he sleeps in a cot but isn’t against allowing him to sleep in Mummy’s arms if that’s what he needs in these precious first weeks.
Thanks Dorothy.
(name withheld)

Dorothy has been amazing for our family. As first time parents with a difficult to settle 2 month old, Dorothy came into our lives and in a gentle but definite way helped our baby find her sleep. Our daughter is now a delightfully happy, alert 8 month old. We still use “Dial Dorothy” as Dorothy’s ongoing advice takes away the stress of the bombardment of on-line information and friends when you have quick questions about anything from solids to settling, toys and teething. You know that with Dorothy you are benefitting from her years of experience with hundreds of babies. I trust her. Dorothy has helped us get our daughter into a lovely routine that allows flexibility.
(name withheld)

Hi Dorothy,
I thought I’d stop by your page just to say thank you for all your help!
I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the OHbaby! Coffee Catchup with Dorothy Waide while pregnant. I really connected with Dorothy’s philosophy then and decided this was how I wanted to parent my baby during the “Fourth Trimester” period. I wanted to nurture my little girl and respond to all her needs from day one and carry on with the “nurturing within boundaries” philosophy as she grew older. When my baby was born I was given the BEST gift any new mum could ever hope for; a 2 month dial Dorothy voucher. Dorothy was a great support. My little lady was and still is a very contented baby and she has been a great sleeper from a very early age. I believe I have a lot to thank Dorothy for this. She helped me to be confident about my decisions and believe that I was being the best mum I could for my baby. My baby picked up on this and was responded by being a very calm and secure little girl. Dorothy helped us getting through the rough bits and also helped us to enjoy the most amazing times while reassuring us that we couldn’t spoil a new baby with too much love! Thanks again Dorothy!
Renata Cabral

The best decision we ever made…
When our daughter was just 3 weeks old she became really unsettled.
Becoming a parent for the 2nd time was supposed to be easier and more relaxed or so we thought, but I was really struggling with the lack of sleep plus coping with a 3 year old and an unsettled baby. …
Through friends we heard about Dorothy Waide “The Baby Whisperer” and decided to ask for her help and support. We told her a little bit about our family and she then tailored her advice to suit us. We got very “addicted” to her help and guidance and we are still using her now.
We love the fact that she’s not all about letting the baby cry it out or giving you general advise. Everything is tailored to your family’s needs. She really knows her stuff and has turned our chaotic stressed out family into a happy relaxed one. We cannot thank her enough for all her help and it will be very hard to get “weaned” of her lovely support.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I wish we’d known about you when we had our 1st baby. You truly are a blessing to families everywhere.
Kindest regards
O, E, J & L Nooyen

Hi all. I just wanted to let everyone out there with kids or about to have kids know that Dorothy is so amazing. I got her about 2 and a half years ago to help my sister and law out with her little girl. About 4 and a half months ago I called her up for some help of my own. She is a huge help in all aspects of helping new parents and children.
She has a massive knowledge on breastfeeding, sleeping, good products to use on them and good products that are needed , solids and overall happiness with bonding with your baby. So make sure if you or loved ones are having children make sure you get in touch with Dorothy you will not look back !!!!!
I can not thank her enough for everything she has done for me and my family. She is a life saver. We LOVE her !!
Thank you again for everything.
David, Virginia and Hunter xx
Virginia Wood – 2011

Dorothy helped our family when our son was 4 – 7 weeks and I can’t state enough how her support and guidance changed our lives! Before Dorothy we were flailing around not knowing what to do, how to help Jake sleep, burp, bath, feed! After Dorothy, it all made sense. I had post natal depression too brought on by anxiety; Dorothy helped me deal with this too. Today Jake is 6 months old and is simply a joy. Sleeps well, eats well and laughs all the time. Thank you so much Dorothy, you helped me and my family through a very difficult time.
Jo Palmer

The best guidance. Love. Support. And thoughtfulness. Your help Dorothy has been invaluable and made those first few weeks so different. thank you x And also a huge help at teaching my husband to be a part of these early early beautiful days. We are all so grateful. Xxxxxxx
Penny Hay

A big thank you to Dorothy for all her help so far with my baby boy. I had a lot of trouble with his sleeping and was barely able to breastfeed (was about to give it up) before I contacted Dorothy. Now we are on a pretty good routine which includes plenty of sleeping and am exclusively breastfeeding. We are a much happier family since getting Dorothy’s support. I totally recommend Dorothy for getting things back on track and being able to enjoy parenthood and a young baby.
Kim Best

Dorothy rocks!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!
Connie Causa

The decision to consult Dorothy was one of the best I made since Amro’s arrival last March. We’d had a month of waking all night and within a few days of starting our new schedule Amro had slept through for the first time ever. It has transformed our little world – I see Amro in great form and I’m enjoying motherhood fully again. I was so impressed with Dorothy’s passion for what she does and felt very supported in the changes we were making. Truly a fountain of baby-related knowledge! Thanks so much
Una McGurk

Dorothy, You saved our sanity with William now sleeping through the night for the first in 10months!! Thank you
– We love your philosophy around nurturing with boundaries. We found your advise and approach loving and practical. You are our modern day Mary Poppins
Tiffany Flood

When my daughter was only two days old she started choking when I put her on her back after a feed, she cried all the time, wanted to nurse constantly and spit up most of what she seemed to drink. The midwives who came to check in on me at home told me that she was just hungry and I needed to keep feeding her and that she spit up because I didn’t burp her well enough.
Meanwhile, by day five my nipples were raw from almost 24 hour suckling and I was a complete mess.
It was then that I spoke to Dorothy, who literally talked me off the ledge. She offered solutions and worked with me on everything from nursing to sleeping techniques.
Because there was a constant danger my child might choke, I was never able to leave her unattended and Dorothy’s advice literally saved my daughter’s life.
She helped me get my nursing on track, deal with my daughter’s severe acid reflux and served as my emotional support during this rough time.
With Dorothy’s help, my daughter was on a regular schedule and eventually going to bed at 7pm and sleeping through the night.
She was my miracle worker.
Jennifer Cote

“Dorothy Waide is a modern day “Baby Whisperer”, the ultimate voice of reason and calm in the storm of new motherhood. I was fortunate enough to have Dorothy in my life as a new mommy and my children, my marriage and my sanity benefited from her sound advice on everything from sleep patterns to reflux”.
Julianne Osherow

“She is especially nurturing and helpful to the mother, and a wizard at establishing successful breastfeeding (but equally supportive if that is not your preference)”.
Hannah Comolli

“She is practical and has an in depth knowledge on all matters concerning babies whilst at the same time her approach is always nurturing, caring and loving”.
Josephine Daniel

“She is brimming with baby knowledge and uses it well. She is one of those rare individuals, who despite the years of training and “on the job” exposure is open minded, and enjoys learning new things”.
F Arredondo

“Dorothy’s knowledge of babies and small children is vast, and her skills both as a baby nurse and nanny are phenomenal. Dorothy made us feel safe both in our role as parents and whenever we left her in charge of our son when travelling”.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

“She was easy to talk to and full of experience and detected our baby had a milk intolerance before the paediatrician”.
Alyson Moss

“Taking us step by step through the realities of being parents so joyfully and simply has certainly helped us make the transition from a family of two to a family of three”.
Russell and Danielle Crowe

“Dorothy is a maternity nurse par excellence. She is diligent, intelligent, reliable, and has a vast knowledge”.
David Hill

“We have never come across anyone in our private or professional lives whose work ethic and passion for her job can compare with Dorothy’s”.
Nicola-Maria Riley

“By the end of Dorothy’s stay my baby girl was sleeping through the night and we have not had a disturbed night since, which seems a rare delight when I compare notes with friends. I attribute this entirely to Dorothy’s sensible – but not inflexible routine”.
Caroline Townsend

As first time parents we found Dorothy’s advice and help invaluable. Within an hour of meeting her she had given us advice on everything from feeding to settling, routines to room temperature and nappies to bathing. Dorothy has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience and the advice she gives you actually works! Our sessions with Dorothy gave us the confidence to enjoy our daughter and empowered us as first-time parents. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact her sooner.
Melissa & Ryan Spearman – 2010-2013