Dorothy has been a great help to me as a new, inexperienced mum. There is always just so many questions I need answered! Her support is very clear and reliable. She is totally invested in her work and really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Dorothy, Sky and I think you’re awesome!!
Hayley Wallace

Dorothy, you shared such a wealth of empowering and nurturing practical information with us mums and mums-to-be … Thank you!
(name withheld)

thank you so much Dorothy for such a fun and informative coffee catch up yesterday! Really enjoyed it, and feel even more prepared for our little girl to arrive Thanks again
Shariyah Morris

Thank you so much for your sleeping and settling advice. My 5 week old is so much happier now I use the snow angel swaddle and your settling technique. I feel more confident now and my husband is pleased to settle her more easily too. I am enjoying the peace when she naps!

Coffee catchup was great today; thanks Dorothy!
Jen Carter

Dorothy you are amazing! I had a brief Facebook conversation with you a few weeks ago about my then 11 week old, you gave practical advice and made me feel good about my parenting choices, especially the fourth trimester idea. As I have learnt and journeyed into parenting, I have had rough patches and been overwhelmed by advice. You made me feel so uplifted at that point in time and I still think about your advice often. So thank you for posting FAQ’s on YouTube and for the work you do. I will not hesitate to enlist your help and services if we need to in the future. Thank you again!

I read in a magazine somewhere that you said nurture for the first 12 weeks then choose a parenting style and stick to it, at least 80% of the time. It was great because we have a more attachment style of parenting, that we stick to….about 80% of the time lol. It is so uplifting to be advised to be flexible, not regimental like so many books and some people recommend ( in parenting I mean). Keep up the great work and support of new and been there done that but it’s not working again parents lol

Dorothy provides support way above and beyond what would be expected. She’s an unbelievable advisor, and helped me through a very rough time with my beautiful little girl. I’m not sure what I would have done without her over the last few weeks. Its wonderful to have advice from one reliable source, rather than going in circles with advice from Google and other well meaning mums. I’m SO grateful for her help.
Jen van Bleck

Dorothy is absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t be the mum i am today if it wasnt for Dorothy. I have gone from a little one who would wake every 20mins to now having the right amount of sleep needed for her age. Mia (7months old now ) has both silent reflux and reflux so it has been a long journey for us. Dorothy has been there every minute of the day we have needed her. Always with excellent down to earth advice that truly works!!! I have used two other sleep consultants in the past for which could not help me. They didnt offer the support that Dorothy does. She has gone above and beyond of what i was expecting. Dorothy truly cares about you and your baby. I cant thank and recommend her enough :)….. Thanks so much Dorothy!
Jenna and Brett

stuck to approx. routine 2 to 3hrs awake and back to cot to help sleep during day worked took 2 weeks but I can say things are awesome atm thank you so much.
Sara Moon

I can’t recommend Dorothy high enough. She has helped us out with our now 2yr old son for the past 2 years! Whenever we have a problem, question or feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere fast we don’t hesitate to make contact. She offers us great support and as she has extensive knowledge it makes us feel so comfortable with following her advice. Thank you so much Dorothy – Kerri Law
Just wanted to say how useful I’ve found Dorothy’s routine guidelines that I received at the coffee catch up! My daughter has been sleeping through the night since 14 weeks & now that she is 8 months is down to 2 good sleeps a day also! Can’t wait to start her Toddler routine!
Christine Oldfield

I had a coffee group session with her today. I found it very informative and she was very helpful. She was very approachable and reassuring. I gained some great tips and insight. I would highly recommend. I just wish my husband had been able to make it so he could refresh my baby brain later!
Monique Rowe

Enjoyed the coffee catch up today and especially loved the tip about resettling!! Thank you 🙂
Tracey Hazell

I can’t recommend Dorothy high enough. She has helped us out with our now 2yr old son for the past 2 years! Whenever we have a problem, question or feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere fast we don’t hesitate to make contact. She offers us great support and as she has extensive knowledge it makes us feel so comfortable with following her advice. Thank you so much Dorothy!
Kerri Law

Dorothy helps me become the mum I want to be. Her support builds my confidence and I’m super happy we found her.
Deb Ross – 2013

Well who knew – dropped the dreamfeed and baby slept through the night – not only that but after taking a full feed at 10pm and 4am baby still wasn’t that hungry at 7am – so he wasn’t hungry during the night, just sucking for comfort.

Thank you Dorothy, I now have a very happy and content baby who sleeps from 7pm-7am and it is wonderful. We couldn’t have managed it without your support and advice. I am so grateful that I can now enjoy an uninterrupted nights sleep and a very happy baby..!!!
Jasmin Prout

Dorothy has helped me with my 1 year old, she taught me how to get him to sleep quickly and through the night, i could not believe how easy she made it for me without getting him to cry for hours!! I would recommend her to anyone with babies, thank u Dorothy you have made my life so much easier now that we are all sleeping through the night 🙂 u r awesome
Tania Iskenderian

Dorothy is never too busy to help mums and babies in need of support – especially re: feeding & sleeping issues – and she is so passionate about what she does. Whatever your concern she will work with you and your baby until you feel happy and confident to continue in a way that works for you. Highly, highly recommend!! PS – I don’t get any extra benefit for writing this, I just feel that this is the least I can do to show my gratitude and support 🙂
Nicki Ball – 2013

Thank you so much for your help over the last few weeks Dorothy! After having been told by Plunket that my 5 and a half month old baby wasn’t gaining enough weight I was at my wits end as she just isn’t a very hungry baby and we were both getting stressed out by me constantly trying to make her feed. The new routine and feeding recommendations you gave us have made the world of difference and my baby has gone from being a bit on the skinny side to a healthy looking chubby bubby in just a few weeks. Through several conversations and emails you gave me the confidence and the support to continue to breastfeed my baby without the constant battles and to introduce solids and stop worrying so much about her weight gain and my milk supply. I have been recommending you to all my new Mummy friends and find myself saying “Dorothy says” and Dorothy recommends” all the time. Thank you again, your support and help has been invaluable!
Judy Morawitz – 2013

Thanks for this email – I went to bed last night feeling much happier after reading it I’ve also just had a read through of your Q&A on facebook from last night and like you say, it seems that a lot of people start to have issues with night waking once their babies are around 8mths if they haven’t learned to resettle in their day naps. The future routine that you outlined sounds very sensible – good to know that she will continue to have 1hr30min nap times, so what we are doing now will translate well later on….
I did read the 4th Trimester article and wish all new mums were given this to read from day one – I think it would make for much more relaxed mums who felt like they could enjoy their babies and just go with whatever their individual sleep/feed pattern happened to be, without worrying about whether “bad habits” were forming in those first 12 weeks!
Thanks for the reasurance that she will learn to resettle despite the reflux – that was the main thing that was worrying me, that there might be this roadblock that was going to make it never happen despite our best efforts. But if you are confident that she’ll get there despite the reflux then I trust you and your experience! And with that peace of mind then yes I am very happy to enjoy the cuddles I get from resettling in arms while I still can – and she is actually quite good at resettling herself in arms with minimal cupping and shushing so that is promising! She isn’t too distressed / in pain from the reflux so we will hold off on the drugs unless that happens – we were only considering the drugs as we thought they might help with her sleep but if you think she’ll be fine without them then all good!
The cranial osteopath took a history and then did some gentle work on her abdomen and head – she didn’t say too much except that her day & night sleep patterns were quite typical, in her experience, for babies with silent reflux. I’m seeing her again on Monday and then I imagine one more session and then we’ll see.
Finally – thanks for reminding me to stop and smell the roses and just enjoy my gorgeous girl – I needed that!
Have a great rest of your weekend
Name withheld

Thank you Dorothy for your help this week. Our little girl 4.5months finally slept from 9pm to 6am this morning after two days of changing our routine as per your advice!
Debbie Fraser

Thank you Dorothy. You have been a massive help in assisting us with practical and down to earth management of our tricky toddler who hates sleeping. Most nights we still aren’t quite sleeping through but we are winning the battle and our whole family’s sleep is MUCH improved and getting better all the time. I can highly recommend to anyone struggling and at their wits end…give Dorothy a call. She has been non-judgemental and thorough in her care and attention to detail, tailor-making a day and night plan to help us get our little one into better sleep habits. So glad we met you. Keep up the awesome work :o)
Karina Wong

Dear babies. Your mumma should know this
Dear Dorothy. …What would we do with put you.??? Your a blessing. Little pumpkin had quinoa and veges for lunch. Stretched out to 3pm ( by accident but survived ) and then had a big 1.5 afternoon sleep. Then happily asleep now. We love you Dorothy. Thank you xxxx 8 month old Petey. X…
(name withheld)

A big thank you for teaching me your settling technique. …
As a sufferer of post natal depression and anxiety it is so empowering to know that I now have a structured approach to settling my newborn, rather than wondering what lengths I might have to go to get him to sleep today.
I love that it teaches him that he sleeps in a cot but isn’t against allowing him to sleep in Mummy’s arms if that’s what he needs in these precious first weeks.
Thanks Dorothy.
(name withheld)

Day 7 of following Dorothy’s advice and the difference with our 8 month old twins has been enormous. Loving having 2 longer naps rather than 4 short ones during the day. Especially loving having easy bedtimes and our evenings back. So great to be enjoying the two of them again, thank you Dorothy!!!
Jo Caird – 2013

Hi Dorothy. Thank you so much for your help with Alex. We have found you advice invaluable, and now Alex has good sleeps during the day and been sleeping through the night for the last week. We can’t thank you enough!!!
Lorene Hunt

I found Dorothy through a friend of mine and she saved my life, I dread to think where we would be now without her. When we first started working together we were rocking our 13 week old twins to sleep, and sleeping was awful. I didn’t feel comfortable just leaving them to cry it out but I also knew that we couldn’t carry on being at the mercy of our twins. Dorothy helped us through a third way, which was to teach our twins how to sleep. She also helped with so many other questions, for instance, my panic over our first long haul trip, problems with child care support etc. Despite being in another country and timezone, Dorothy had a uncanny knack of knowing what was going on with the twins and I, and then the advice about how to solve/improve the situation. The setup worked really well, mostly we would email which I could do anytime day or night and then she would reply the next day, she also has guidance notes to send, which again worked well as being sleep deprived its not easy to take everything in! Even if we had been in the same country that approach would have been the ideal for me. We did Skype occasionally but I actually found it difficult to find the time! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, and I do to anyone who seems to be struggling. I have friends now with children who are over 2yrs old that still don’t sleep through the night, I couldn’t live my life like that, and thanks to Dorothy I don’t have to!
Liz – Oversea’s client from Singapore – 2013

Just recently I attended one of Dorothy’s chats through the west auckland parents centre. I found her advice and knowledgeable so beneficial .I had struggled to get advice about bottle feeding from various other health services but Dorothy was more than happy to help. Alongside this her advice on sleeping and resettling helped me get my little girl back to sleep. She know sleeps from 7 at night till 6.45 in the morning. She is worth her weight in gold and truly is a baby and toddler genius. Thank you Dorothy!
Kirsten and Sophia

Hi Dorothy thank u for the wonderful advice regarding settling techniques with my little man at sleep times and when he wakes to early. I’m looking forward to getting more sleep
Again thanks
Lucy Weaver

From 5 weeks of age until recently my daughter has had many episodes of undiagnosed tummy upsets and pain. My husband and I resorted to any means we could to get our now 5 month old to sleep and keep her there! Over this time she has developed interrupted sleeping patterns and has become reliant on props/us to sleep. After having to get up 6-10 times a night to settle and replace her dummy I emailed Dorothy for help!! Dorothy has been wonderful and supportive, not only providing me with her notes and advice on sleeping and settling but she has also has considered other factors that could be relevant to this behavior. She has supported us with advice/information on beginning solids as well as alternative therapies that may help and how to access these with her personal recommendations.
Thank you Dorothy for taking time out of your busy days to help us. You have given me the confidence to begin making changes to the way we manage our daily routine with realistic approaches. I also now have the tools/guides I need to know I can cope and how support my daughter through these changes.
Thank you so much.

Many thanks for your advice Dorothy, I tried your technique with baby Nyx’s morning nap, she settled quickly and slept for a little over 1.5hrs. Currently having her second nap, and despite her noisy big brothers, still sleeping soundly. It makes a huge difference doing feed, play then sleep as bubs is not bothered by wind at bed time.
Many thanks x
Donna Finlay

Dorothy has been amazing for our family. As first time parents with a difficult to settle 2 month old, Dorothy came into our lives and in a gentle but definite way helped our baby find her sleep. Our daughter is now a delightfully happy, alert 8 month old. We still use “Dial Dorothy” as Dorothy’s ongoing advice takes away the stress of the bombardment of on-line information and friends when you have quick questions about anything from solids to settling, toys and teething. You know that with Dorothy you are benefitting from her years of experience with hundreds of babies. I trust her. Dorothy has helped us get our daughter into a lovely routine that allows flexibility.
(name withheld)

Thank you Dorothy for another very helpful experience. We are away on holiday and my baby has been struggling with the 8 hour time difference. I was at a real loss with how to deal with it but with Dorothy’s help we are getting a lot more sleep during the night and less during the day!
Kim Best

Dorothy, I really can’t thank you enough for your help with June. With a couple of small, gentle changes, my catnapper who woke twice a night is now napping for 1.5 to 2 hours and sleeping right through! I’ve been very impressed by your personal interest in her and the way you tailor your advice to our family. You’ve really gone above and beyond to help us out. Thank you so much, you’ve really turned our lives around!
Sophie Stephenson

Dorothy, we really can’t thank you enough, all the help, guidance & support you offer is incredible, I always felt like your only client, – regardless of the fact you have many – you helped us with sleeping through the night, starting solids, self settling, breastfeeding nightmares, you nurtured us through bugs & illnesses, implemented age appropriate routines & more, we will always be grateful we worked with you, of all the things you spend money on as a new parent, your tried & true advice was our best investment, we recommend you to all xox
Jasmine Steiner

Hi Dorothy,
I thought I’d stop by your page just to say thank you for all your help!
I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the OHbaby! Coffee Catchup with Dorothy Waide while pregnant. I really connected with Dorothy’s philosophy then and decided this was how I wanted to parent my baby during the “Fourth Trimester” period. I wanted to nurture my little girl and respond to all her needs from day one and carry on with the “nurturing within boundaries” philosophy as she grew older. When my baby was born I was given the BEST gift any new mum could ever hope for; a 2 month dial Dorothy voucher. Dorothy was a great support. My little lady was and still is a very contented baby and she has been a great sleeper from a very early age. I believe I have a lot to thank Dorothy for this. She helped me to be confident about my decisions and believe that I was being the best mum I could for my baby. My baby picked up on this and was responded by being a very calm and secure little girl. Dorothy helped us getting through the rough bits and also helped us to enjoy the most amazing times while reassuring us that we couldn’t spoil a new baby with too much love! Thanks again Dorothy!
Renata Cabral

The best decision we ever made…
When our daughter was just 3 weeks old she became really unsettled.
Becoming a parent for the 2nd time was supposed to be easier and more relaxed or so we thought, but I was really struggling with the lack of sleep plus coping with a 3 year old and an unsettled baby. …
Through friends we heard about Dorothy Waide “The Baby Whisperer” and decided to ask for her help and support. We told her a little bit about our family and she then tailored her advice to suit us. We got very “addicted” to her help and guidance and we are still using her now.
We love the fact that she’s not all about letting the baby cry it out or giving you general advise. Everything is tailored to your family’s needs. She really knows her stuff and has turned our chaotic stressed out family into a happy relaxed one. We cannot thank her enough for all her help and it will be very hard to get “weaned” of her lovely support.
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. I wish we’d known about you when we had our 1st baby. You truly are a blessing to families everywhere.
Kindest regards
O, E, J & L Nooyen

Hi all. I just wanted to let everyone out there with kids or about to have kids know that Dorothy is so amazing. I got her about 2 and a half years ago to help my sister and law out with her little girl. About 4 and a half months ago I called her up for some help of my own. She is a huge help in all aspects of helping new parents and children.
She has a massive knowledge on breastfeeding, sleeping, good products to use on them and good products that are needed , solids and overall happiness with bonding with your baby. So make sure if you or loved ones are having children make sure you get in touch with Dorothy you will not look back !!!!!
I can not thank her enough for everything she has done for me and my family. She is a life saver. We LOVE her !!
Thank you again for everything.
David, Virginia and Hunter xx
Virginia Wood

Dorothy, thanks so much for all the support you have given us… You have transformed our lives! Xx
Amanda King (London, UK)

Wow, Dorothy you are amazing. My 3.5 month old baby had hardly eaten for a week. Which meant a grumpy wee man, who wasn’t really sleeping. I contacted Plunket, La Leche, visited my GP and no helpful solutions…..they all just said to ride it out. I was exhausted after a week of battling my wee man, thankfully my sister put me in touch with Dorothy and over the phone she gave me about eight different things it could be and try. Her first suggestion worked, and he was back to his old happy self again. I would recommend Dorothy to anyone. It is so refreshing to talk to someone open minded who truely loves her job. Thanks so much.
Yvette Ronaldson

Wow, I feel like I’ve got some of my life back after Dorothy helped us with our 9 month old baby’s routine, as well as helping with a food allergy. He’s now eating, feeding & sleeping really well & we have a happy baby. Thank you! – we used the email service.
Sally Jones

Thank you so much Dorothy, we were having so much difficulty putting our 4 month old Ila to sleep. I had been feeding him to sleep while his Papa walked him and each time it was taking us hours with lots of crying from Ila and sometimes me. And he rarely sleep for longer then 40mins.
The day before we spoke with you Ila had only sleep for 15 minutes in the morning and 7mins in the afternoon. And then amazingly by day three of the schedule you helped us create i put him in his basket and after 15 minutes of soft cooing and crying he fell asleep on his own and sleep for over an hour. He now sleeps on average 3 sleeps a day for between 1 1/2 – 2 hours and at night he wakes briefly for a feed about 2 or 3 times. It is still hard work sometimes but the improvement is astounding. It feels so good to be able to meet Ila’s needs and get some much needed rest.
The most amazing thing has been how skilled you are at working with me -a tired, worried and unconfident mum. It had been so hard and we had tried the ‘cry it out’ and ‘the don’t let the baby cry’ method and i was feeling so unsure of myself. You gave me the support and space i needed to take on your advice.
Thank you so much it has been the best money ever spent.
Vanessa Vashti

Ten months ago I gave birth to a beautiful boy, my first. For the first eight months of his life we fed him, loved him, cuddled him, talked to him and fed him some more…but for all this love and attention we couldn’t get him to sleep during the night. We had tried everything, read the books cover to cover, worked on a good ‘routine’ and shushed and patted for nights on end, but something just wasn’t clicking. Nearing breaking point I was given Dorothy’s contact details by a friend. I phoned her expecting (business like) to make an appointment, but Dorothy was more interested in hearing about my baby! We talked for over an hour and from that first conversation Dorothy gave me some invaluable tips that were the first steps in getting the baby I thought just ‘wasn’t a sleeper’ sleeping through the night, every night. It was an effort to get there and sometimes I questioned what we were doing, but it always worked. And as we both started to get some sleep the changes were huge – my little man went from nibbling at a few solids to demolishing bowls of veges and porridge.
Although Dorothy’s ‘business’ is babies and the information she gives is professional, it is delivered with a huge amount of empathy for the struggles that us new mums are facing. She always says to go with your heart and that is the bottom line. Thank you Dorothy, looking forward to the book! Kate, Euan and Kereama.
Thanks Dorothy, we had 2 beautiful day sleeps and only one night waking in the last 24hrs!
Tammy-Lee Holmes

Thank you Dorothy – your assistance went beyond our expectations! Your tips have eased uncertainty, prepared us for the future and resulted in more consistent sleep.
Caroline McDevitt

Dorothy helped our family when our son was 4 – 7 weeks and I can’t state enough how her support and guidance changed our lives! Before Dorothy we were flailing around not knowing what to do, how to help Jake sleep, burp, bath, feed! After Dorothy, it all made sense. I had post natal depression too brought on by anxiety; Dorothy helped me deal with this too. Today Jake is 6 months old and is simply a joy. Sleeps well, eats well and laughs all the time. Thank you so much Dorothy, you helped me and my family through a very difficult time.
Jo Palmer

The best guidance. Love. Support. And thoughtfulness. Your help Dorothy has been invaluable and made those first few weeks so different. thank you x And also a huge help at teaching my husband to be a part of these early early beautiful days. We are all so grateful. Xxxxxxx
Penny Hay

A big thank you to Dorothy for all her help so far with my baby boy. I had a lot of trouble with his sleeping and was barely able to breastfeed (was about to give it up) before I contacted Dorothy. Now we are on a pretty good routine which includes plenty of sleeping and am exclusively breastfeeding. We are a much happier family since getting Dorothy’s support. I totally recommend Dorothy for getting things back on track and being able to enjoy parenthood and a young baby.
Kim Best

Dorothy rocks!!!! Thanks for all your help!!!
Connie Causa

Words cannot express how grateful we are that a friend recommended Dorothy. She is truely an amazing woman. So thoughtful and knowledgeable, caring and nurturing. She has helped us understand our little treasure more. Her information about introducing solids, strategic introduction of vegies, teething, and routines has all been invaluable. But it is the way that she has partnered with us that we are so grateful for. Thank you Dorothy.
Jess Milne

Dorothy Waide, we can’t thank you enough, the advice, support & guidance you have provided has truly been a godsend. You are a very knowledgeable, helpful & kind lady & we appreciate your dedication, availability & commitment to helping us. Our little man is doing heaps better with his sleeping, also we are feeling a lot more confident with things moving forward, money very well spent, would not hesitate to work with you again & highly recommend you to anyone & everyone
Jasmine Steiner

The decision to consult Dorothy was one of the best I made since Amro’s arrival last March. We’d had a month of waking all night and within a few days of starting our new schedule Amro had slept through for the first time ever. It has transformed our little world – I see Amro in great form and I’m enjoying motherhood fully again. I was so impressed with Dorothy’s passion for what she does and felt very supported in the changes we were making. Truly a fountain of baby-related knowledge! Thanks so much
Una McGurk

Hi Dorothy, the girls are doing really good. It’s been weeks since we’ve had anyone wake at night, & we usually don’t hear anybody in the morning until 7am now, unless they wake for a quick play before going back to sleep – very cute. We are finally making some progress with solids too, they are way more interested now. Basically everything’s going really well! Thanks so much again for all your help 🙂 x
Shimisha Yardley

I just want to say a huge thank you to Dorothy for all of her help with our little boy – I can’t recommend her highly enough – she is amazing! Our 7 month old had been a lifelong catnapper and was down to two half hour sleeps per day and not coping. In addition, I was still feeding him in the late evening and in the middle of the night. He started resettling to sleep the same day that Dorothy was with us and within a week was sleeping for 1.5-2 hours at each of his daytime sleeps. And he started sleeping through the night (from 6:30pm until 6am) without a peep as soon as I dropped his night feeds. Dorothy also helped us out with his feeding and eczema and has been fantastic in her follow up. She is very sensible, approachable and caring, and came to see us within 3 days of our first phone call to her Anyone having issues with sleeping or feeding or anything baby related should definitely give her a call Thank you so much Dorothy, you are a gem and we can’t thank you enough!
Alison Chandler

Many of you may know we’ve had a few struggles with our little Boy Jude. He’s been an unsettled wee thing, lots of screaming, and not much sleeping or eating. After visiting all sorts of different practitioners, and getting diagnoses from Reflux to a twisted bowel… nothing worked and we were getting more and more frustrated, teary eyed and sleep deprived! Dorothy Waide recommended we see acupuncturist David Craddick – well he was the first person to give us a deadline (2 weeks) for when he would be better. I was skeptical at first having been promised the world from so many others, but I have to report that he was absolutely right! Jude is now so much more settled, and not in pain, thanks to the acupuncture. I can’t thank Dorothy and David enough or recommend them more highly!! 🙂
Carly Flynn – 2012

Just want to say a big thank you to Dorothy for the wonderful advice and support she has given us. Our son is now 11 months old and was still being fed to sleep each night and waking for night feeds until recently. We sought Dorothy’s help after I met her at an OHBaby coffee catch up and was impressed by her caring nature and sensible ideas! I love her approach and I am happy to say that our wee man now goes to bed quite happily at night time and (usually!) sleeps through the night or self settles after only a few short weeks since we implemented the changes. Your kindness has been very much appreciated Dorothy and I will be singing your praises to anyone willing to listen
Chantelle Furlong

In the lead up to the arrival of my second child my biggest concern was how I was ever going to get out of the house with a newborn and a two year old.
My second son arrived and within hours he was fighting for his life. After major life saving surgery we finally came home when he was 3 weeks old.
At 9 weeks of age my little boy was struggling to gain any weight and I was constantly feeding. He would wake and I would feed him. After 5 minutes he would fall asleep and 20 minutes later he would wake screaming again.
I was totally exhausted. After discussing this with numerous doctors it was suggested he had colic and eventually that perhaps the lack of weight gain and general unsettled behaviour was due to my milk supply. I was totally devastated, overwhelmed and extremely stressed.
In desperation I contacted Dorothy. She spoke to me over the phone for some time before we even discussed her visiting us. She spent the day with us and I can honestly say she sorted the feeding issue within 20 minutes of her walking through our front door. She taught us how to settle him and for the first time in weeks he slept for hours!!!
Dorothy sent my husband and I out for lunch. It was the first time we had been out together just the two of us in months! This lunch did a huge amount for our combined mental health.
The past 9 months have been very hard and filled with huge challenges due to ongoing medical issues. My son has struggled to eat solids and we have struggled to find answers. Throughout it all Dorothy has been a text, visit, email or phone call away. I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for her help.
I never thought I would need the services of a baby whisperer. Now I wish every mother could have Dorothy!!!
Thank you so very much Dorothy!!!
Thanks also to Mama’s Little Helper for telling me about Dorothy!!!
Rebecca Lewis

I just had my very own ‘Dorothy Experience’ and I am now a new woman/mother/wife!! I can’t express in words how much her help has changed our lives for the better! Who knew sleep was so important (especially for mums!) and could affect so many areas of your life!! All i can say is Thank You Dorothy, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! x
Emily Silby

Thank you Dorothy for all your help in getting Jack (and Mummy and Daddy!) on the right path to self-settling and sleeping through the night. It was great to have someone with your experience come into our home and tailor a routine not only for baby, but that will fit all the family, including our two and a half year old. Day sleeps have now gone from 45 minute catnaps to 1.5 to 2 hour decent naps. This has give me much more time during the day to also spend quality one on one time with my daughter. We really appreciate all your advice and assistance
Kylie Gibson

HI Dorothy, thank you for all your advice and support in helping us get our little man sleeping through the night. Your personalized advice benefited us greatly and we found you really tailored your advice to our unique situation. I have already recommended you to friends and will continue to do so. I wish had contacted you months ago!! Many thanks
Merryn Robertson

Hi just wanted to thank you Dorothy for your help with getting our 16 month old to finally stop night feeding, and learn to self-settle and sleep through the night. For any other parents wondering if it will be worth it – it definitely is! With an older child like ours I guess it takes a bit longer but it has been three weeks since Dorothy’s visit and over the weekend our little guy finally started going to sleep himself and slept all night without any intervention from us. Three weeks ago I didn’t imagine we would be at this point already so it really seems like a miracle! Thanks again SOOOOOO much!!
Te Rawhina McDowell

Thanks Dorothy for all your support and help with getting our wee man settled into a routine and for the confidence to stop feeding during the night. Aston is much more settled now and is starting to resettle during the early hours of the morning. we have noticed a huge difference and will not hesitate in contacting you again if we need further help or for our next child. thanks heaps. x
Kerri Law

Thank you Dorothy for all your help with Lucy.
As you suggested, seeking help from Chiropractor, as well as my going Dairy free and using the Quintessence Reflux Drops has made a really big difference to Lucy’s silent reflux. Everything is just so much more manageable.
Nardine Stokes

Dorothy Waide is a wonderful woman. She has helped and supported us for the last 5 weeks and I have to say it is the best money we ever spent! I breast fed my beautiful little boy to sleep, day and night, since he was born and by the time he was 6 months I decided I needed more sleep as he was still waking 8-10 times a night. So after meeting Dorothy at an Ohbaby coffee group catch up, I decided to seek her help. My boy has made so much progress in 5 weeks and is no longer breast fed to sleep. He still wakes during the night but only half as much. We are still very much following Dorothy’s advice and working with her until we can get our boy to self settle and resettle on his own. Dorothy has taken us through things step by step in a way we can cope with. Her ‘nurturing within boundaries’ philosophy is great, especially for couples like us who find it breaking listening to our baby cry. Any mums that are having baby issues should talk to Dorothy. She is better than any book I have read!
Elizabeth Willoughby

Hi would just like to thank Dorothy for her advice and support in helping me teach my 8mth old son to self settle and sleep through the night, at times it felt like an uphill battle and time to throw in the towel, but with Dorothy’s continued support and guidance, we now have a baby who I can put in his cot awake who will self settle and on waking is happy to play in his cot, and the biggest bonus will sleep thru the night, we still have the odd nights that he does wake but he will go back to sleep. Can’t thank Dorothy enough, and would not hesitate to pass on to my friends!
Andrea Nicol

Hi Dorothy, i attended your coffee group Catchup at Tauranga today and just wanted to say a BIG thank you for an informative, fun and inspiring morning. My baby girl has struggled for the past few weeks at settling in the early evening and the tips and hints you gave me this morning worked like a dream tonight. I know it’s early days to be getting too excited but to have her asleep by 7:15 and some time for my husband and I to eat dinner was bliss. Your expertise, wisdom and friendly nature was much appreciated.
Sarah Taylor

Thank you so much Dorothy for the great advice and help that you have given us! you are just what we needed and things are already getting better! XX
Lara Fisher-Samara

Dorothy, You saved our sanity with William now sleeping through the night for the first in 10months!! Thank you
– We love your philosophy around nurturing with boundaries. We found your advice and approach loving and practical. You are our modern day Mary Poppins
Tiffany Flood

Thanks so much Dorothy! Without your help we’d still be up every night!! Yay for a sleeping household!!!
Katherine McArdle

So we were supremely lucky to have the wonderful Dorothy visit our madhouse for the day today, she gave us such wonderful advice for caring for our “tricky” fella Jude, who is tonight a much happier little man (& mummy too!), can highly highly recommend!!
Carly Flynn – 2012

As a mother of newborn twins and a toddler, Dorothy was a life saver helping us quickly establish a routine that worked for all of the family and made life manageable. She has a wealth of knowledge and has a solution for every problem but she is especially good at giving you confidence with your own style and ensuring any routine works for the mother and not just the babies. By 12 weeks my twins were sleeping through the night and were (and still are) very contented babies. I am a contented mother too! x
Ginny Wethey

When my daughter was only two days old she started choking when I put her on her back after a feed, she cried all the time, wanted to nurse constantly and spit up most of what she seemed to drink. The midwives who came to check in on me at home told me that she was just hungry and I needed to keep feeding her and that she spit up because I didn’t burp her well enough.
Meanwhile, by day five my nipples were raw from almost 24 hour suckling and I was a complete mess.
It was then that I spoke to Dorothy, who literally talked me off the ledge. She offered solutions and worked with me on everything from nursing to sleeping techniques.
Because there was a constant danger my child might choke, I was never able to leave her unattended and Dorothy’s advice literally saved my daughter’s life.
She helped me get my nursing on track, deal with my daughter’s severe acid reflux and served as my emotional support during this rough time.
With Dorothy’s help, my daughter was on a regular schedule and eventually going to bed at 7pm and sleeping through the night.
She was my miracle worker.
Jennifer Cote

“Dorothy, I wish I’d known you when I had my first baby. Your gift for understanding babies and communicating it to parents is immeasurable. With your guidance, my home is so much more efficient and I finally have precious time to myself. I’m no longer lost in the fog of parenthood. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough”.

“Dorothy Waide is a modern day “Baby Whisperer”, the ultimate voice of reason and calm in the storm of new motherhood. I was fortunate enough to have Dorothy in my life as a new mommy and my children, my marriage and my sanity benefited from her sound advice on everything from sleep patterns to reflux”.
Julianne Osherow

“She is especially nurturing and helpful to the mother, and a wizard at establishing successful breastfeeding (but equally supportive if that is not your preference)”.
Hannah Comolli

“As a mother of newborn twins and a toddler, Dorothy was a life saver helping us quickly establish a routine that worked for all of the family and made life manageable. She has a wealth of knowledge and has a solution for every problem but she is especially good at giving you confidence with your own style and ensuring any routine works for the mother and not just the babies. By 12 weeks my twins were sleeping through the night and were (and still are) very contented babies. I am a contented mother too!”
Virginia – 2011

“She is practical and has an in depth knowledge on all matters concerning babies whilst at the same time her approach is always nurturing, caring and loving”.
Josephine Daniel

“One of the most incredible gifts she gave me was her invaluable guidance and coaching in breastfeeding. Dorothy’s support and encouragement enabled me to successfully breastfeed our twin boys for six months”.
Fiona Angelini

“She is brimming with baby knowledge and uses it well. She is one of those rare individuals, who despite the years of training and “on the job” exposure is open minded, and enjoys learning new things”.
F Arredondo

“Dorothy’s knowledge of babies and small children is vast, and her skills both as a baby nurse and nanny are phenomenal. Dorothy made us feel safe both in our role as parents and whenever we left her in charge of our son when travelling”.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

“She was easy to talk to and full of experience and detected our baby had a milk intolerance before the paediatrician”.
Alyson Moss

“Taking us step by step through the realities of being parents so joyfully and simply has certainly helped us make the transition from a family of two to a family of three”.
Russell and Danielle Crowe

“Dorothy is a maternity nurse par excellence. She is diligent, intelligent, reliable, and has a vast knowledge”.
David Hill

“We have never come across anyone in our private or professional lives whose work ethic and passion for her job can compare with Dorothy’s”.
Nicola-Maria Riley

“She was able to feed him and calm him when nobody else could and got him on a reasonable schedule that made life after Dorothy left tolerable. In addition to the actual care of our children, Dorothy is a tremendous teacher”.
A. Ryan Newman

“By the end of Dorothy’s stay my baby girl was sleeping through the night and we have not had a disturbed night since, which seems a rare delight when I compare notes with friends. I attribute this entirely to Dorothy’s sensible – but not inflexible routine”.
Caroline Townsend

Dorothy I just want to say how thrilled I am with the advice and support I have received from you.
After surviving the extremely difficult early years of our older preschooler who had severe allergies, reflux and constipation which affected her sleep I honestly thought that twins would be a breeze, and they were to begin with. Looking back over their 1st year I can now clearly see where I failed to recognize that they should be past requiring nighttime feeding and where things I did to ensure the other twin, my husband, my preschooler and visitors were not disturbed in the night had led to some very bad sleeping habits for them. It is definitely a thing of beauty to see my two youngest sleeping peacefullly and I am extremely pleased that they have now learnt great sleeping habits for both day and nighttime sleeps.
You focused the goal clearly in front of me and gave me the tools to suceed and the support I needed when wavering.
Thank you to listening and offering advice which was practical and realistic for our family situation.
Kind Regards,
Andrea Staniford – 2010-2013

Dorothy you’re simply amazing; you offer solutions which actually change lives in such a positive way! You came in to our home and saw the chaos we were living in and you turned our lives around. You quickly established a routine that worked for us – not a text book routine that I had to try and make fit, but a routine that dealt with all the realities of a busy family. You have a real gift – thank you for sharing it with us.
If we’re lucky enough to have a third, we hope you’re not too busy to come back!
Sarah, Auckland – 2010-2013

As first time parents we found Dorothy’s advice and help invaluable. Within an hour of meeting her she had given us advice on everything from feeding to settling, routines to room temperature and nappies to bathing. Dorothy has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience and the advice she gives you actually works! Our sessions with Dorothy gave us the confidence to enjoy our daughter and empowered us as first-time parents. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact her sooner.
Melissa & Ryan Spearman – 2010-2013

My name is Maureen Mckenzie , i live in New Zealand and have a 21 month old son Cody
When Cody was 5 months old, i contacted Dorothy Waide, while she was overseas, and we emailed back and forth, she helped me a great deal with the problems i experienced with him.
Since about 1 month old he had not slept well during the day, he had a very short sleep cycle of about half hour to forty minutes, problems with reflux, and was on Losec. he wasnt feeding well at all, and was a very windy baby. i had also got into the habit of rocking him to sleep because of him being so unsettled. this was my main prob at the time as well as the wind.
I wrote to Dorothy explaining the problems i was having and how it was affecting Cody and myself as a mother, i explained his routine, what i fed him at that point, times i breastfed , his night time routine,and asked questions of what i should do. so she could get a picture of it all.
Dorothy was an amazing help to me, emailing me back, suggesting i try different formulas which i did , and suggesting an osteopath for his reflux, she gave me advice on what to feed him at this stage.
She gave me extensive advice on the formulas, acid reflux and food intolerances, how to burp Cody effectively and set up a routine for him that was easy to follow and helped me immensely!
Over time and lots of advice given , Cody settled nicely into a routine, his reflux slowly disappeared, and sleeping became amazing!! i did have other advice along the way of course…what mother doesnt?!, but I feel Dorothys had the most impact, as she gives thorough sound advice that works
All of the advice given was through emailing and looking back on them now, having a healthy happy, almost 2 year old, its hard to believe all i went through!
I would definately recommend Dorothy with any problems you have with a baby or child as she has amazing intelligence and experience, even though she never met Cody in person she had the intuition to be able to help him with advice that was appropriate for me and my child.
Maureen Mckenzie – 2010-2013

“I have nothing but praise for Dorothy’s expertise and style of training. This is such a cliche, but she’s a SUPERNANNY!! The results were almost instantaneous. I now have a contented baby who has been removed from my hip during the day and sleeping through the night. I’m clearly a happier mummy (which I might add has been noticed by a lot of people). Thank you Dorothy for your unrivaled support and experience. This was the turning point that I needed.”
Lana Pham – 2011