Dorothy was lovely to deal with. She helped us get our 20 month year old sleeping through the night by making small simple changes. She was waking for 2-3 hours every night. It was stress-free and there was no crying involved for our daughter or us! I highly highly recommend Dorothy to anyone not getting a full unbroken sleep.
From two previously sleep deprived parents. 🙂
Ginny Akers – June 2016

Oh Dorothy I can’t thank you enough. You have improved our lives so much. It had taken us nearly a year to try and toilet train my son then after a few weeks of your sensible and helpful advice he was toilet trained, eats better and is nicer to his baby brother. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x
Lisa Clayton – April 2016

I can’t recommend Dorothy Waide enough!
We have had huge success with our 16 month old girl who would wake at least twice a night (on a good night) and had never, ever slept through the night… Ever. I felt like I couldn’t resettle her without breast feeding, it was too tough and no re-settling techniques that I had tried really worked for us. I just felt like I was fighting with her in the middle of the night.
Now it’s like having a different child!!! Dorothy was very realistic said it could take 10 days to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel… Well, we couldn’t believe it when our lovely rascal slept through (the whole entire night) on the 4th night of our new and improved routine.

Since speaking with to Dorothy 3 weeks ago, our wee girl now has the skills to resettle herself if she wakes in the night (which is now very rare). I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my bed anymore to help her!
The first couple of nights were a little challenging but definitely manageable with the motivation Dorothy gave me to parent our daughter through these changes. What I loved about Dorothy’s techniques was that I didn’t have to leave my wee girl crying all alone.
The resettling techniques and diet advice we were given work fantastically for my daughter.
On behalf of both myself and my husband, thank you, you are the best fairy godmother any family could hope for.
Chloé Bodger – February 2016

Any family who is considering using a sleep consultant should not hesitate to talk to Dorothy. As a lot of the other reviewers have said, she has saved my sanity and I cannot thank her enough. A gentle approach was important to me and that is exactly what Dorothy does. She has so much knowledge about babies she is able to look at the big picture, taking into account diet, routine, behaviour and the whole family not just one aspect. Dorothy warned us that it takes time to change patterns of behaviour, especially as our daughter is almost 18 months old. The reality for us was that there was an immediate improvement, our daughter slept through the night that night and had only done this about 4 times in her whole life! We have had a few hiccups along the way and it hasn’t been like waving a magic wand but it was a lot easier than I expected and Dorothy was there every step of the way with her kind words and no nonsense approach. I wish that we had done this sooner, we are like a different family in the space of a few weeks. Thanks again Dorothy, you are a star!
Katherine Higginson — June 2015

After a long discussion we worked out a plan and within 4 weeks my daughter was settling herself in her cot. Dorothy was always at the end of the phone, and i mean always! I called her on Christmas eve and texted her on Christmas day and she talked me through difficult situations in her loving manner. She re-assured me that things would change but I would need to be patient.
I have used ‘sleep trainers’ before with little success, but what I love most about Dorothy is her compassion and flexibility. I didn’t feel like I had to follow one set of rules, she adjusted her advice to how my daughter and I responded to different situations. She also reminded me that it’s tough breaking habit for an adult, and even harder for a baby, and to approach this change full of compassion and understanding for my daughter.
She’s also extremely realistic and when I would lament ‘but she did this yesterday why not today?’ she reminded me that changes take time and that we all change our behaviour day to day, even babies.
We just recently emigrated to a new country and again my daughter became unsettled with all the changes but using Dorothy’s gentle techniques I solved the nap problem again, and each time I got frustrated I remember that change takes time and it will get better!
Dorothy’s methods work for both parents and babies, I would recommend Dorothy again and again, not just for sleep issues but for anything baby related problem that is causing you stress.
Andrea Bennett — February 2015

Dorothy is amazing! After having 3 children you think you know all there is to know but what you don’t realise is how different each baby is and how it all changes when the new baby comes along. Little George at 15mths was not sleeping at all during the day and waking all night, I was at my wits end. Dorothy gave me the support and the knowledge I needed to get my head around that not everyday is going to be the same and you are going to have good and bad days but you can always start again in the morning. Dorothy and I worked together to design a routine that suited not only George but myself, my partner and my 3 older boys busy life. We now have a happy little boy who sleeps twice a day 1.5 – 3 hrs morning and afternoon and then back down for the night!!! at 7.30pm. Thank you Dorothy you are a life saver xxx
Victoria McAllister – November 2014

I thought after having three kids I would have it sorted. But with number three coming up 14mths and not eating food and waking up every three hours at night for feeding I was a desperate and exhausted lady…..I still had a newborn on my hands. Dorothy to the rescue. I found her services invaluable. Within 5 days I noticed a major improvement and within 12 weeks I not only had a baby sleeping through the night, but he had also started eating solids………..I cannot thank her enough or recommend her enough. I am now getting at least 7 hours sleep at night and am not worried that there is something wrong with him as he is now doing everything he should thanks to Dorothy’s methods and techniques……. Thank-you Dorothy. I am forever grateful for your help and your kindness and for going above and beyond what I expected.
Rebecca Stewart – August 2014

A sample of some of the great feedback we have received after having Dorothy come to speak to us in Masterton – Please pass on our thanks to all involved in the workshop. This morning Kyleigh burst in shouting I did the cupping! I did the cupping! …….her 1 year old son had slept from 5pm until 7am with two short 5 min bursts of cupping! Stayed in his own bed too! She couldn’t believe it!!!! Hopefully he repeats tonight! Cheers Yaaaay!!! Got Miley to sleep, swaddled without feeding her to sleep. She had a little cry but nothing I couldn’t handle and she’s in her own bed. Thank you so much for having Dorothy in Masterton. We’ve had some improvement. Successful resettles leading to longer daytime naps – hooray!
Wairarapa Parents Centre – August 2014

We were struggling with an 18 month old who would wake screaming very suddenly in the night. Dorothy suggested moving his nap back to after lunch time – such a simple solution, and it worked instantly! Can’t thank you enough for returning the peace to night time in our house 🙂
Zoë Victoria Towers – 2014

I have identical twin boys and I can safely say they weren’t the most settled babies. Luckily at 17 weeks I had one 7 to 7 sleeper and the other never slept a full night. I had done controlled crying at a year with my non sleeper and bedtime extinction at age 2.

At 28 months we had got into the bedtime situation of sitting in the bedroom for 5 minutes then closing the door which ended in my good sleeper crying himself to sleep on the floor and demanding mummy sit. Or sometimes giving in and sitting until they were asleep.

During this time my sleeper suddenly started wakening in the night for hours. It started with a wake up one night I wasn’t at home and daddy didn’t suffice so it went on for 4 hrs before he gave in. The next night it went on for 2.5hrs and he didn’t want me, stood in the hallway, pushed me away, cornered himself at the front door, didn’t want a drink, pee. I was at a loss what to do. This continued for about 3 weeks, I could see a pattern, he woke, came out of his room defiant, fought me sometimes with fists until he calmed, sometimes asked for a pee, then would get himself into bed back to sleep. I usually just sat on the floor ignoring him, saying sleeptime. It got down to 45 mins.

Exhausted and at the point of despair I saw Dorothy, she gave me a plan for bedtime. Both into bed, door open, bedtime routine as normal starting at 6.30, every time they came out they got returned to bed. I decided I would give them 20 mins of this before they got told last chance. Then it was door closed. I carried this out but only closed it for a minute, then opened and said bedtime, into bed boys. After a week i no longer had to close the door, now it’s just brilliant. I have a life by 7.15 pm!

She also advised me to stop daytime sleeps, which were a stress as I was driving them to sleep.

The night times continued and eventually petered out. I followed Dorothy’s advice and cut out sweet deserts and changed to natural yoghurt only and cut out hard cheeses. We kept to the gro clock rules and had a reward which the boys chose to fly a kite with daddy if they stayed in bed all night until mr sun… took a lot of postponing until they eventually managed it all night and got to fly their kites!
Catherine – 2014

Dorothy is truly an amazing lady. She offers sleeping advice that doesn’t involve leaving your baby to cry. This worked well with my attachment style of parenting. I loved that there were no rigid rules and that Dorothy worked out a flexible plan with me that I could manage. Dorothy was honest, non-judgemental, caring and she showed me that anything is possible. What an amazing journey we have been on Dorothy! I will never forget how much you have helped me to become a calmer and more confident mother. I truly cannot thank you enough. I sometimes wish I had found you before my baby was 11 months old, but I remind myself how blessed I was to discover you at all. You will always be a part of our family xxxxxx
Sarah Marr

Dorothy is just the absolute best, highly recommend her to everyone, she has helped us in so many areas & everything she suggests works! I love it that you get personalised professional help whenever you need it, from such a lovely lady. We are so grateful to have had her expert advice we found it was invaluable. Best money ever spent thanks Dorothy 🙂

What an amazing lady with amazing advice.
I was desperate exhausted and anxious and depressed and after talking to Dorothy for 10 mins I felt so much better, I am yet to start her advice- which I will be starting tomorrow but I already feel better after hearing her advice. she is so kind and easy to talk to and reassuring. what a treasure to have around for people who are in need of help. thank you so much for your help and time I cant wait to try your advice.

I want to express our sincere thanks for all the help you have given us since we first contacted you in October last year. In that time, things in our house have improved a great deal, and a lot of that is down to the advise and support you have provided us. Wayde and I were just commenting that your calm “we can get this sorted’ demeanor was exactly what we needed in a time when chaos was reigning! Fred is a different guy now. Although his sleeping is still a work in progress, we are a long way towards where we want to be, and he is a much happier child for the proper sleep he is getting during the day. And a big thank you for allowing us to switch children half way through, and giving us some really valuable advise on coping with Ivy’s anti-social sleeping behavior. That is immeasurably better now too! We are all alot better rested!
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other mums, and in fact, have already done so. Thank you once again, and all the very best.

I can’t recommend Dorothy high enough. She has helped us out with our now 2yr old son for the past 2 years! Whenever we have a problem, question or feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere fast we don’t hesitate to make contact. She offers us great support and as she has extensive knowledge it makes us feel so comfortable with following her advice. Thank you so much Dorothy!
Kerri Law

Dorothy helps me become the mum I want to be. Her support builds my confidence and I’m super happy we found her.
Deb Ross – 2013

Thank you Dorothy, I now have a very happy and content baby who sleeps from 7pm-7am and it is wonderful. We couldn’t have managed it without your support and advice. I am so grateful that I can now enjoy an uninterrupted nights sleep and a very happy baby..!!!
Jasmin Prout

Dorothy has helped me with my 1 year old, she taught me how to get him to sleep quickly and through the night, I could not believe how easy she made it for me without getting him to cry for hours!! I would recommend her to anyone with babies, thank u Dorothy you have made my life so much easier now that we are all sleeping through the night 🙂 u r awesome
Tania Iskenderian

Thank you Dorothy. You have been a massive help in assisting us with practical and down to earth management of our tricky toddler who hates sleeping. Most nights we still aren’t quite sleeping through but we are winning the battle and our whole family’s sleep is MUCH improved and getting better all the time. I can highly recommend to anyone struggling and at their wits end…give Dorothy a call. She has been non-judgemental and thorough in her care and attention to detail, tailor-making a day and night plan to help us get our little one into better sleep habits. So glad we met you. Keep up the awesome work :o)
Karina Wong

Dorothy, we really can’t thank you enough, all the help, guidance & support you offer is incredible, I always felt like your only client, – regardless of the fact you have many – you helped us with sleeping through the night, starting solids, self settling, breastfeeding nightmares, you nurtured us through bugs & illnesses, implemented age appropriate routines & more, we will always be grateful we worked with you, of all the things you spend money on as a new parent, your tried & true advice was our best investment, we recommend you to all xox
Jasmine Steiner

Dorothy, thanks so much for all the support you have given us… You have transformed our lives! Xx
Amanda King (London, UK)

Hi just wanted to thank you Dorothy for your help with getting our 16 month old to finally stop night feeding, and learn to self-settle and sleep through the night. For any other parents wondering if it will be worth it – it definitely is! With an older child like ours I guess it takes a bit longer but it has been three weeks since Dorothy’s visit and over the weekend our little guy finally started going to sleep himself and slept all night without any intervention from us. Three weeks ago I didn’t imagine we would be at this point already so it really seems like a miracle! Thanks again SOOOOOO much!!
Te Rawhina McDowell

Thanks so much Dorothy! Without your help we’d still be up every night!! Yay for a sleeping household!!!
Katherine McArdle

“Dorothy’s knowledge of babies and small children is vast, and her skills both as a baby nurse and nanny are phenomenal. Dorothy made us feel safe both in our role as parents and whenever we left her in charge of our son when travelling”.
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

“Taking us step by step through the realities of being parents so joyfully and simply has certainly helped us make the transition from a family of two to a family of three”.
Russell and Danielle Crowe