Dorothy is so lovely. She is so easy to talk to, and it always felt like she had all the time we needed. She gave helpful relevant advice. When things didn’t go to the original plan she was flexible and offered alternative suggestions. She was reassuring, always making me feel like I was doing a great job as a mum and never critical. Even though I didn’t reach my end goal of baby sleeping all night (due to personal circumstances, choices and other commitments) I 100% do not regret talking to Dorothy and know that our family is in a better place because of her help. Thank you Dorothy!
Helen Watson – November 2017

My 3wk old just recently started to become very unsettled at night and take 2-4hrs sometimes for me to get her to sleep! & then she would wake every 2hrs. After 4 nights of this I decided to re-visit my book ‘You Simply Cant Spoil a Newborn” which I read prior to giving birth & sort of forgotten about. WELL. Last night I tried the settling method with swaddling, engulf hold and cupping. I only had to do it twice (2 sets of 5min) before she was asleep. Now 4hrs later she woke for her 1st night feed & im in SHOCK!! I have not slept for 4hrs since b4 I gave birth & for this feed she hasn’t cried once. I would highly recommend this book for any new Mums as it is simple methods that truly work. I can’t wait to re-read it to see what else I can pick up that can help my wee baby. Thank you Dorothy!
Katie Roggisch – October 2017

Thank you so much Dorothy you have been amazing with the support and guidance, you have given me through this tough time. Dorothy was a supportive ear as I explained the trouble I was having with my three month old son who had reflux and colic. I was struggling with five plus wakes a night and him not sleeping in his cot at all during the day. Dorothy gave me guidance in going back to basics, eg looking at my latch when feeding to help reduce vomiting which has helped greatly and also that it’s ok to hold your baby while sleeping especially when they have reflux and colic and that once we had this under control then we can look at getting my wee man back sleeping in his bed. She gave me the reassurance that I was doing all the right things and helped me to adjust a few things. With these adjustment and support from Dorothy and finally on the right medication. We were down to two-three wakes a night Can not recommend Dorothy enough, thank you again.
Amelia Baty – October 2017

We cannot thank Dorothy enough for helping us with our second son. From 8 weeks old he was grizzly and unhappy with reflux and a sore tummy. I asked Dorothy to come for a visit and she immediately discovered he was not latching correctly and sucking in air. We had a tongue and lip tie addressed upon her referral to a specialist and I came home with a different baby. He is now 6 months old, sleeping through the night and very contented. Thank you so much Dorothy for your advice and expertise, you are a wealth of knowledge.
Name withheld – October 2017

Dorothy saved our life. She is absolutely wonderful and helpful! Thank you so much!
Surya Kuhn – September 2017

Dorothy is a life changer! I got in touch with her when my son was 10 months old and waking up to 6 times a night to breastfeed! I was exhausted and was heading back to work in a few weeks so needed some advice. Dorothy put together a new routine for Leo which focused on nutrition and stopping the night feeds and within 3 days he was sleeping through the night and was drinking his goats milk during the day again! I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Dorothy.
Jade Hart – September 2017

We contacted Dorothy because we didn’t know how to move forward with our 4 month old son who needed co-sleeping and constant feeding through the night with multiple wakes and was really hard to resettle. We absolutely loved Dorothy’s approach. It was holistic, respectful and unique to our family’s concerns and ways. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. She listened to us tell our story and found a way to help us help our son get the sleep he needed through the night. Dorothy made it clear that this would not be an overnight quick fix but something that would need to take time and baby steps so that the experience was not traumatic for both the parents or baby and so that whatever changes we made would actually stick. And so it did. With her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experiences as well as a very encouraging and nurturing manner, the advice she offered us was enough for us to see significant change within two weeks. Our son, who woke consistently every 1-3 hours through the night, now does a 6 – 8 hour initial stretch and only 1 to 2 feeds through the night. He now sleeps soundly in his cot by himself for the majority of the night. We are all better for it! I know that babies change and no doubt there may be hiccups along the way or new things to have to navigate but I will not hesitate to make contact with Dorothy again to help us through. She is really such a gem and offers parents so much reassurance and common sense advice. If you are at all unsure about whether the investment will be worth it, for us it definitely was and we would not hesitate to recommend her to parents who need loving guidance, advice or reassurance. Thank you, Dorothy! -Phil and Eunice Price (and baby Samuel)
Phillip Price – August 2017

Dorthy is AMAZING!! I went to one of her courses early on in my pregnancy, and managed to pick up a few things which really came in use later on. I also read her book several times during our newborn journey, and again it was so so helpful. When we were having trouble with sleep, allergies etc later on in my daughter’s firs year we used Dorothy’s Dial Dorothy service, as well as having a one on one session with her, and I just cant rave enough with how helpful Dorothy was, and is such a wealth of knowledge! I agree with many other people who have written reviews, and wish I had contacted Dorothy sooner! Top Notch Dorothy! Keep up the amazing work, and thank you SO much for all your help! xx
Hannah Withy – August 2017

I downloaded Dorothy’s book onto my kindle, applied the strategies she outlines in the book and we haven’t looked back! Within two weeks our 3 month old has started self settling and we can put her down a lot quicker in the middle of the night. We started settling with Dorothy’s technique in our arms then after a few days in the cot. Now we put her down and most times she finds her sleep on her own. All the other tips and tricks in her book are great as well. Thanks Dorothy!
Kirsty Tosi – August 2017

Dorothy has helped us get through a few tough periods with our son’s sleeping – at 7-9 months and most recently at 2.5 years old when he thought 10pm was an appropriate bedtime… She takes a broad approach, looking at the whole routine of the day – eating, sleeping and activity – and each time has helped us figure out a plan for making some changes to address the problem, in a way that worked for us. We will continue to use her in future I’m sure as new things come up!
Jenny Turner – July 2017

We contacted Dorothy to get help with our toddlers frequent night waking. Dorothy offered practical advice and changes we were able to implement immediately, including to her diet. Dorothy ended up helping us develop a routine for our baby that was adaptable around the needs of our other children. Thank you so much! 3 kids all sleeping through the night now!!
Kylie Thalia Matthews – June 2017

I wish we’d contacted Dorothy months ago! We got in touch with her when our daughter was 9.5 months old and still waking 2 – 3 times a night. I’d gotten into a bad habit of doing a quick breastfeed and back to bed, but being a first time Mum, I wasn’t sure how to undo the bad habits. And we’d already been down the cry it out route with not much success… Dorothy reviewed our daughter’s eating and sleeping habits and gave us some great advice around her routine, nutrition andhow to manage her nightly wake ups. Within three days our daughter was sleeping 10 – 11 hours straight (amazing!) and she’s now doing solid and consistent day time naps too. Dorothy’s practical but kind approach gave us the confidence to work within parameters that we felt comfortable with and our daughter is now thriving. It’s meant we can relax and enjoy being parents so much more. Thanks Dorothy!
Anna Salmon – June 2017

My only regret is that I didn’t contact Dorothy sooner…
We had a horrid time to start with problem after problem with breastfeeding. I went through Dr’s, numerous LC’s, Breastfeeding clinics, and Hospital admissions and no one looked at the bigger picture – until we met Dorothy.
Dorothy gave us the tools and confidence to parent – in particular with feeding and sleeping – the way we wanted to, but were too tired and emotionally exhausted to know what to do or who to turn to. It wasn’t easy, and it didnt happen overnight but it was gentle and in a way we were comfortable with. We now have guided our baby into sleeping ON HIS OWN! After 3 months of day sleeps only on us, and sleepless nights, it was like a weight was lifted – literally!
Dorothy listened, we felt respected and supported. I cannot recommend her enough!
Alice Land – June 2017

Dorothy’s knowledge, communication and approach to helping families and their babies is truly remarkable. We read her book before our daughter was born and it imparted on us exactly what we had hoped for – a loving and nurturing set of tools to help us help our baby to settle herself and get into a great sleeping and feeding routine. We enlisted Dorothy’s help further when we needed guidance with dropping naps and introducing solids, her practical approach worked perfectly and we are once again back on track with sleeping and feeding. Thanks Dorothy x
Jenna Gray – April 2017

Dorothy is an absolute legend and we would recommend her unreservedly. We contacted Dorothy when our second son was 15 weeks old and had not slept longer than 2 hours at a time (despite our best efforts). She is a wealth of knowledge, extremely empathetic and within weeks we were a much happier, well rested household. Many thanks Dorothy!!
Greg Bowker – April 2017

Dorothy is an amazing lady with such a kind heart. She has a wealth of knowledge around babies. Her book title ‘You Can’t Spoil a Newborn’ is my newborn parenting philosophy. Thanks so much Dorothy for helping our family head in the right direction of a specialist to diagnose GERD reflux. The losec is now working and I’m getting to share precious moments with my daughter which I would have missed had she not been diagnosed. If your stuck for what to do with bubs and want a caring and knowledgable baby expert then look no further than Dorothy. She will discuss your concerns with you and will give you tips and tricks to make your parenting journey easier.
Lucy Watson – March 2017

I would absolutely recommend dial Dorothy. We were having a rough time with our son’s reflux. Introducing solids and sleep were a constant challenge. Dorothy was a wealth of knowledge. It was amazing to have the support of someone who actually understands reflux. Not only did Dorothy give fantastic advice and strategies but she gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and believe in my parenting abilities. She went above and beyond the call of duty. We only wish we had sought her help sooner! Thank you Dorothy x
Larah van der Meer – February 2017

Dorothy Waide changed our lives. That is a massive statement and I don’t say it without reason. I am also not a person to write reviews; however, the help Dorothy gave us was amazing. I want to let others know about her so they know that things can and will get better if your little angel isn’t sleeping well.

Jase my husband and I did not want to let Summer our daughter cry it out for hours on end, that didn’t suit our feelings as parents. Dorothy helped us by listening to what we wanted to do and adjusting a personalised solution to fit our needs, not a cut and paste template used for everyone. She gave us little tips on how to change Summer’s room, slight changes in her food and when to place it, and different settling techniques. As we moved through different stages we adapted our program to Summer.

I made a bet with Dorothy that Summer was her match. Summer is now 13 months and sleeps through the night in her cot. At 6 months she suffered ear infections and both Jase and I were up multiple times in the night and holding her in our arms to sleep. It was exhausting and hard to carry out our business as we are self employed.
Sleep is a nutrient and I 100% agree with Dorothy on this. Helping Summer to sleep improved life for all of us.
Dorothy is a legend and loves babies and children. She knows so many things from first hand experience and I can’t wait until she does a toddler book (I am pestering her for this).

I have no direct family in New Zealand as originally I am from Canada, so having Dorothy was like having a NZ mom.
If we have another child we will be following her book You Can’t Spoil A Newborn from day 1.
5 out of 5 stars
Kim Jase and Summer – February 2017

Dorothy is full of wisdom, knowledge and experience which is exactly the kind of support every new mum needs. We were lucky enough to meet Dorothy almost 6 years ago now and she gave me the confidence in myself to be the parent I always wanted to be. Love your work, keep it up!!
Kerryn Davis – January 2017

Dorothy is kind and loving. She definitely has families and their little people front of mind. I love that she helps families when they need it and creates a community of kindness and education about our little ones. Keep up the great work
Phillipa Wallace – January 2017

Dorothy is a wealth of information. She helped me beyond measure when my now 9 yr old was a newborn with non judgemental and practical advise. Just what a mum to a hungry, bolshy infant needed. I still think of you fondly Dorothy and am so greatful you passed on the sleeping tips we all benefitted from.
Victoria Pander – January 2017

Dorothy was an absolute God send! With in three nights she had my life turned around for the better…. instead of getting up feeding my solid 8 month old boy three times a night I was sleeping, and so was he. And it was all done in a way that I could manage and emotionally cope with (none of this leaving them to cry/scream it out). Sleep is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. Thank you Dorothy. I will always be greatful for your advice, guidance and genuine desire to want to help and see change for us.
Sara Rogers – January 2017

I first met Dorothy at a coffee group when my first was 5 weeks old and the advice you gave us then really resonated with me. The videos give you a bit of Dorothy in your home at any time of the day or night.
Dianne Sugrue – January 2017

Dorothy was a god send to us, calm advice in a sea of newborn chaos. I highly recommend to all families!
Lizz Carrington – January 2017

Dorothys Book is invaluable and her incredible support and love that she gives us is outstanding. Highly recommend both her book and services.
Natasha Carter – January 2017

Always fabulous advice! I really enjoyed your “can’t spoil a newborn” nool
Charlie Maddox – January 2017

Dorothy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to babies. She kindly helped me with my baby boy. She not only helped with sleep related issues too, I had tried for a month to get my son on a bottle as I was back at work. Her tips and advice worked wonders with my son. After working with Dorothy I had a 6 month confidentiality taking the bottle who was napping longer and could self settle himself to sleep at night… It was awesome. I would definitely recommend Dorothy to my friends for their bubba’s.
Kristin Mesarich – January 2017