I took my son to see her at the OhBaby coffee group and she was amazing. Gave me heaps of new ideas to help soothe my little man and tips to deal with his reflux and colic. Would definitely recommend talking to her, she is a natural!
Kayla Crossley-Coe – July 2016

I have been to two of Dorothy’s talks and thoroughly enjoyed her calm and gentle way and have utilised many of her tips in our day to day life.
Kymberly Widley – July 2016

Lots of fantastic tips and tricks at our Oh Baby coffee group session today with Dorothy Waide!
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Using the snow angel swaddle now – worked a treat
Kate Wanden – February 2016

Saw Dorothy on Good Morning one morning after a tough night with my baby. Bought her book and studied it! Then the work started… dedication in helping my baby find sleep. Settling and resetting!
I organized a coffee group session with some of my Antenatal group and just loved Dorothy. She is so warm and kind. She has so much knowledge and wants to share it!
He is a great little sleeper now and such a happy baby!
Thank you Dorothy.
Marlé Kuhn – February 2016

Hi Dorothy! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for coming up to Whangarei yesterday for the OhBaby! Coffee Catchup. It was just the shot-in-the-arm, boost to morale I needed after my nearly 6 month old fell off the sleep wagon after getting sick a couple of weeks back! I was really disappointed I didn’t get a signed copy of your book, but I had to get to another engagement! I would definitely like to purchase one as through each of my babies early lives, your advice has been invaluable. Thank you so much!
Kate McGrath – July 2015

Thank you Dorothy Waide Baby Sleep Consultant – Baby Help for a wonderful coffee group catch up at Manukau this morning. I picked up lots of new tips, which I can not wait to implement…roll on this evening! You are such a wealth of knowledge!
Sonia Coupe – June 2015

I have gone to two Oh Baby catch ups with Dorothy and she is amazing! She has the experience to back up her teachings and I have found her advice invaluable. Most of all she taught me that I am my babes best expert. Thanks Dorothy!
Alexandra Anna – June 2015

Dorothy’s recent visit to Ashburton Parents Centre was truly wonderful. Dorothy is as friendly as she is professional, and put attending parents at ease with her practical and enlightening advice. Whilst this was a group session, Dorothy made everyone feel like they had had individual advice. I was a question asker and felt like my questions were comprehensively answered. Dorothy went out if her way to send me extra notes on travelling with a baby, for which I am extreme grateful. I am about to engage with Dorothy to get some more guidance and I thoroughly recommend any parent to do the same. You won’t regret it, she’s the best!
Lorna Humm — October 2014

A sample of some of the great feedback we have received after havingDorothy come to speak to us in Masterton – Please pass on our thanks to all involved in the workshop. This morning Kyleigh burst in shouting I did the cupping! I did the cupping! …….her 1 year old son had slept from 5pm until 7am with two short 5 min bursts of cupping! Stayed in his own bed too! She couldn’t believe it!!!! Hopefully he repeats tonight! Cheers Yaaaay!!! Got Miley to sleep, swaddled without feeding her to sleep. She had a little cry but nothing I couldn’t handle and she’s in her own bed. Thank you so much for having Dorothy in Masterton. We’ve had some improvement. Successful resettles leading to longer daytime naps – hooray!
Wairarapa Parents Centre – August 2014

I had the absolute privilege of attending Dorothy’s seminar in Whangarei yesterday – to sum it up – life changing! Thank you so much Dorothy!
Emma Bowering – 2014

Attended ‘oh baby coffee catch up’ in Whangarei today – very informative! I look forward to trying some of the techniques and things mentioned. Thank you Dorothy! 🙂
Theresa Mischewski – 2014

Highly recommend. No idea how she does/did it. We attended a coffee morning and she had my problems sussed within a 2 minute exchange. Solution provided and worked a treat. Amazing!
Norm & Rach – 2014

Dorothy has been a great help to me as a new, inexperienced mum. There is always just so many questions I need answered! Her support is very clear and reliable. She is totally invested in her work and really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you Dorothy, Sky and I think you’re awesome!!
Hayley Wallace – 2014

Dorothy, you shared such a wealth of empowering and nurturing practical information with us mums and mums-to-be … Thank you!
(name withheld)

thank you so much Dorothy for such a fun and informative coffee catch up yesterday! Really enjoyed it, and feel even more prepared for our little girl to arrive Thanks again
Shariyah Morris

Thank you so much for your sleeping and settling advice. My 5 week old is so much happier now I use the snow angel swaddle and your settling technique. I feel more confident now and my husband is pleased to settle her more easily too. I am enjoying the peace when she naps!

Coffee catchup was great today; thanks Dorothy!
Jen Carter

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Oh Baby for putting on such a fabulous event.

Just wanted to say how useful I’ve found Dorothy’s routine guidelines that I received at the coffee catch up! My daughter has been sleeping through the night since 14 weeks & now that she is 8 months is down to 2 good sleeps a day also! Can’t wait to start her Toddler routine!
Christine Oldfield

I had a coffee group session with her today. I found it very informative and she was very helpful. She was very approachable and reassuring. I gained some great tips and insight. I would highly recommend. I just wish my husband had been able to make it so he could refresh my baby brain later!
Monique Rowe

Enjoyed the coffee catch up today and especially loved the tip about resettling!! Thank you 🙂
Tracey Hazell

My friend and I attended another 2 session course in Wellington a few weeks ago and both of us pulled far more from this single session.
All age groups were covered, I loved the open forum style discussion and the fact that Dorothy constantly assured us all that we are the parents and it is up to us to parent in a style we are comfortable with.
Very enjoyable! Thanks again!

Hi Dorothy. Thank you so much for your help with Alex. We have found you advice invaluable, and now Alex has good sleeps during the day and been sleeping through the night for the last week. We can’t thank you enough!!!
Lorene Hunt

Many thanks for your advice Dorothy, I tried your technique with baby Nyx’s morning nap, she settled quickly and slept for a little over 1.5hrs. Currently having her second nap, and despite her noisy big brothers, still sleeping soundly. It makes a huge difference doing feed, play then sleep as bubs is not bothered by wind at bed time.
Many thanks x
Donna Finlay

Hi Dorothy,
I thought I’d stop by your page just to say thank you for all your help!
I was fortunate enough to attend a few of the OHbaby! Coffee Catchup with Dorothy Waide while pregnant. I really connected with Dorothy’s philosophy then and decided this was how I wanted to parent my baby during the “Fourth Trimester” period. I wanted to nurture my little girl and respond to all her needs from day one and carry on with the “nurturing within boundaries” philosophy as she grew older. When my baby was born I was given the BEST gift any new mum could ever hope for; a 2 month dial Dorothy voucher. Dorothy was a great support. My little lady was and still is a very contented baby and she has been a great sleeper from a very early age. I believe I have a lot to thank Dorothy for this. She helped me to be confident about my decisions and believe that I was being the best mum I could for my baby. My baby picked up on this and was responded by being a very calm and secure little girl. Dorothy helped us getting through the rough bits and also helped us to enjoy the most amazing times while reassuring us that we couldn’t spoil a new baby with too much love! Thanks again Dorothy!
Renata Cabral

Thank you Dorothy – your assistance went beyond our expectations! Your tips have eased uncertainty, prepared us for the future and resulted in more consistent sleep.
Caroline McDevitt

Thank you Dorothy for all your help with Lucy.
As you suggested, seeking help from Chiropractor, as well as my going Dairy free and using the Quintessence Reflux Drops has made a really big difference to Lucy’s silent reflux. Everything is just so much more manageable.
Nardine Stokes

Hi Dorothy, I attended your coffee group Catchup at Tauranga today and just wanted to say a BIG thank you for an informative, fun and inspiring morning. My baby girl has struggled for the past few weeks at settling in the early evening and the tips and hints you gave me this morning worked like a dream tonight. I know it’s early days to be getting too excited but to have her asleep by 7:15 and some time for my husband and i to eat dinner was bliss. Your expertise, wisdom and friendly nature was much appreciated.
Sarah Taylor