Hi Dorothy,
I’m not sure if you will remember me but my name is Teresa Curtis and you helped me with my son Kelly in 2011. I was recently in the drs waiting room when I came across an article of yours in a parenting magazine. I really just wanted to get in contact with you to let you know how much your help as a Karitane nurse has meant to me, To say you helped me is an understatement, when i meet you I was 23, I was living alone in. Recently having come out of an abusive relationship with my sons father. Feeling very overwhelmed and alone. I had no family help and I was struggling. I honestly couldn’t put into words how much you helped me. As a stranger how far out of your way you went for me. I even remember you buying my son and I groceries. Writing this nearly 6 years on I find myself getting a little emotional, you helped me more than you could ever know and I am so incredibly grateful. I am now in a happy stable relationship with a loving man, we just welcomed our first daughter into the world in august of last year, Thea. Kelly my son is doing so well in school already in year 2 now. He is a kind and loving boy and very creative, and yesterday my partner and I went to our first ultrasound for another little one due in November.

I tell you all this because when I met you I was about to give up, I didn’t think I was strong enough to look after my son, and you gave me hope that I was. Hope that I could have one day the future that I have now. I raised Kelly on my own here in wellington for nearly 4 years, I studied and I worked hard to support us. And I honestly believe that you where the catalyst in giving me hope to start me on this journey, Honestly you saved my life, I do not even want to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t met you. I don’t know how you thank a person for saving your life, but thank you.

I hope this reaches you happy and well, you truly are an amazing person and I honestly can not thank you enough.

All my love
Teresa Curtis – April 2016

Dorothy is so great! She gave us some great tips that worked for us then followed up with Skype (with plans to Skype us again next week). I wish I had emailed her months ago!
Morgan Mosley – July 2016

I took my son to see her at the OhBaby coffee group and she was amazing. Gave me heaps of new ideas to help soothe my little man and tips to deal with his reflux and colic. Would definitely recommend talking to her, she is a natural!
Kayla Crossley-Coe – July 2016

Dorothy.. thank you sooo much!!! Dorothy started helping us when our wee man was about 5-6 weeks old, suffers from reflux and sleeping was almost non-existent during the day and took so long to get him to settle at night. Dorothy taught us about settling him to sleep and most importantly gave me confidence in my ability as a mum. She is so generous with her time and patient and I cannot thank her enough, I don’t know where we would’ve been without her help as we now have a great little sleeper and very happy baby, mum and dad. Dorothy not only helped with sleeping but also starting solids, the right formula to be on for his reflux and just everything really!! I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Dorothy, you are just fantastic.
Jody McCullough – July 2016

I have been to two of Dorothy’s talks and thoroughly enjoyed her calm and gentle way and have utilised many of her tips in our day to day life.
Kymberly Widley – July 2016

Dorothy is amazing. When I contacted her I was a mum with post natal depression and anxiety, and a baby that wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me. It was getting to breaking point. Dorothy was calm and supportive and gave us a plan that was easy to follow and got results! Her kindness and generosity went above and beyond my expectations and she truly changed our family life. I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Dorothy
Joanna Arthur – June 2016

Dear Dorothy,

Just wanted to send a little email to say a BIG THANK YOU for everything you have done for us so far.

Two months ago we had a baby that didn’t sleep during the day, woke four times a night, cried alot, and was rather unpredictable. Sadly, Jeremy often didn’t get to see her during the week as she was in bed by the time he got home from work. This meant I generally did everything with the baby all week and because she wasn’t sleeping during the day and not well at night, I got no down time. Add that to her hospital stay and recovery, and my high anxiety postnatal depression and we were definitely having a crap time.

Fast forward two months and we have a baby that grins and giggles most of the day, loves her solids, only wakes once in 13 hours at night, and has two long naps each day in her cot – often needing to be woken or she’ll sleep for more than two hours. She now goes to bed after Jeremy gets home so he gets the chance to play with her and sing her lullabies on the ukelele – something she loves. I get down time during the day, and more sleep at night and feel like a totally different person.

This is not to brag and say ‘our baby is amazing’ but just to say THANK YOU! You have changed our family’s life!

You visited us in our home and the first thing you did was listen to us. You asked and validated my husband’s opinion which many people didn’t. Dad’s often get overlooked when there’s a new baby in the house but you treated both of us as equal parents and took both of our thoughts and hopes into consideration. You spent time teaching us how to help our daughter get to sleep and stay asleep and poured out your advice so generously.

You were extremely helpful over the phone and email in the months following. You were so generous with your time and went above and beyond the package we had bought. I appreciated that you didn’t tell us what we should do and then leave us stranded if it didn’t work, but you patiently worked with us through each step, encouraged us and helped us take risks to push forward to the next stage. The first time she slept in her cot during the day for an hour and a half I jumped for joy (very quietly of course haha).

Dorothy, you are amazing. You have years of wisdom and experience that you so generously share. You don’t judge but work with us to understand where we are at and what we need. You validate our opinions and our struggles and help us find the confidence to be the parents we want to be. I can’t thank you enough. Knowing you are there when things get tough is very reassuring. I am no longer worried about the tricky times as I know you will be there with your sound advice and caring voice. I can’t rave enough about you to our friends 🙂

You have a huge heart for families and I can’t thank you enough. Because of your help and advice and the confidence you have given us, our daughter might even get a sibling one day one day haha. We are absolutely in love with her and can now see why people have more than one!

Thanks again Dorothy, lots of love, Nat x

Nat – June 2016

Dorothy was lovely to deal with. She helped us get our 20 month year old sleeping through the night by making small simple changes. She was waking for 2-3 hours every night. It was stress-free and there was no crying involved for our daughter or us! I highly highly recommend Dorothy to anyone not getting a full unbroken sleep.
From two previously sleep deprived parents. 🙂
Ginny Akers – June 2016

Dorothy, THANK YOU!!! Your guidance and advice has quite honestly made our lives seemingly normal again. The last few days we have had such a sense of order back in our lives and feel like we are in control again. A caring approach to tackling baby related issues certainly suited us best, rather than leaving our George to ‘cry it out’. It was great to be able to refer back to you when needed to discuss how things are progressing. Thank you again for your help and for the things you have lent us, which will of course be returned. Best wishes Juliana and Andy
Juliana Apire – May 2016

Where do I start…Dorothy is truly amazing! From the bottom of our heart we cannot thank her enough for all of the support she has given us and continues to give us. My husband and I met Dorothy nearly a year a go now. Our son had terrible wind and reflux and we had difficultly settling at times but more so the day sleeps were a huge challenge, it was exhausting. I suffered serious PND & PTS after quite a challenging birth and recovery emotionally and physically. Dorothy came into our house and the moment she arrived I sighed a huge relief. There was something about her presence that completely relaxed me. Dorothy not only looked at our sons sleeping habits but the whole picture and after getting such conflicting advice and support elsewhere this support she provided was just what we were looking for. Our son is now 14 months, a fantastic sleeper but I just can’t get enough of our catch ups with Dorothy! We don’t just look at sleeping habits we still look at the bigger picture, whether its solid talk, sickness advice, teething, bowel movements you name it we talk about it. She’s truly been my rock and only wish we meet at the beginning of having our son. We cannot recommend Dorothy enough! Thank you Dorothy for everything that you do!
Mandy McAlwee – May 2016

My family started working with Dorothy early on, when my daughter was roughly 4 weeks old. As a first time mum with a silent reflux baby (diagnosed by a specialist) we were all getting no sleep and starting to fall in to a black hole, lots of crying from both bubs and mum. Dorothy taught me the tools to teach my baby to self settle and resettle. Some of the changes were instant, others took a lot of time and acceptance. Some days i felt like giving up, but I persevered and am happy to say it has all paid off.
If you are having a rough time and are unsure where to go for help, definitely reach out to Dorothy you will be thankful to her later.
Kylie Colclough – April 2016

Dorothy is very supportive and reminds you that your doing a great job at being a mum!. She understands that each person has their own way of parenting and comfort levels with settling their babies. It was essential the bond I have with my daughter was not compromised and that we found solutions that worked for our busy lifestyle. Being a first time mum and the amount I have learned around techniques for feeding and sleeping has been invaluable. Thanks Dorothy!
Thandi Tipene – April 2016

Dorothy is amazing. She has completely changed our lives and who we are as parents. We employed Dorothy when our daughter was 5 months old, she wouldn’t take naps in her cot and slept for 5-7 hours per night. Through her routine and plan, talking to us about how we manage and parent and being available to ask any question we wanted our daughter now has naps in her cot and we all get much more sleep. Miss is so much happier and we are happier and better parents. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Dorothy, thank you so much for all your help! If anyone is having sleep issues with their baby I would highly recommend contacting Dorothy. She is understanding and not judgemental. My only regret is that we didn’t talk to her sooner.
Lycinda Lett – April 2016

Oh my gosh, where do I even start? WE LOVE DOROTHY!! She has been TRULY amazing for my baby, my partner & myself, her holistic approach looks at the whole picture including the mum rather than just the baby & as a first time mum & sufferer of post natal depression Dorothy’s help couldn’t have come along at a better time.
I was really struggling in a number of areas & desperately needed some good sound advice & support & I 100% got it from the get-go with Dorothy! Not only was she completely generous with her knowledge & advice she was also very supportive & understanding of me & my situation & never once made me feel like ‘another day another baby’.

When she came to see us at home we felt comfortable with her instantly, we were able to have a good chat & a laugh & ask countless questions. After that, every phone & email conversation felt like communicating with someone I had known for years & no question has been too big or small & she never made me feel silly or like I had failed in any way for not automatically knowing what to do.
Her recommendations have been so helpful – everything from eating, sleeping, settling & teething to sippy cups, nappies & even snot suckers! Dorothy is not just a baby sleep consultant, but a complete support system, which as a new parent or any parent, I firmly believe is of the utmost importance & I would highly recommend her to ANYONE, anywhere.
Thank you so much Dorothy, you fairy godmother you, for giving me the tools & the confidence to be the best mum I can be for my little girl & for helping me to enjoy my baby so much more than I ever would have if you & I hadn’t found each other.
Marie xx
Marie Anderson – April 2016

Dorothy is an angel! We called Dorothy to come and help us when after almost 8 months our twins were not sleeping through the night and were seldom sleeping more than 40 minutes at nap times. Needless to say we were a very overtired and grumpy family! Dorothy gave us the tools we needed to make gentle, positive changes to our babies feeding and sleeping routine and the support we needed to believe in ourselves as parents. With Dorothy’s continued help and support, within a few weeks our babies were sleeping soundly for 12 hours overnight and having good 1.5-2 hour naps twice a day! This has made a huge impact on our lives as we’re all so much happier, more rested and relaxed. Thank you Dorothy for being down to earth, having a good laugh with us and for the huge impact you’ve had on our lives. Thank you for being a fountain of knowledge and for being so generous with sending sippy cups!! Oscar and Ruby LOVE their NUK First Choice Training Bottles.. It’s the only bottle that they will drink from – and gives us a little freedom to leave them with their grandparents over feed times.
Laura Lynch – April 2016

Thanks Dorothy! The day with you yesterday was fantastic! I learned a lot – things to try and things to avoid. And next baby will be a lot different than this one how I approach sleep. I also like the bits from the left abs right styles approach.
Nikki Wanden – April 2016

Dorothy is amazing! She help us immensely with our twins – we had them sleeping through the night within two nights! She gave us personalised advice and routines that worked for our family but what was most valuable to me was her ongoing support and calming, reassuring manner. No matter what my question or worry was, Dorothy was there to chat it through with me, and after talking with her I always felt happy and more confident.
Thanks Dorothy!
Veronica Copestake – April 2016

Oh Dorothy I can’t thank you enough. You have improved our lives so much. It had taken us nearly a year to try and toilet train my son then after a few weeks of your sensible and helpful advice he was toilet trained, eats better and is nicer to his baby brother. Thank you, thank you, thank you. x
Lisa Clayton – April 2016

Dorothy – your book is fantastic! I honestly do not know what we would have done without it. Thank you so much for writing a practical, informative and easy to follow guide for the first three months. Now can you just write one for beyond three months? 😉 Thanks again.
Caroline Swallow – March 2016

Big thank you Dorothy. My little girls sleep issues aren’t 100% solved, but after some very logical and practical advice on diet, bedtime routine and bedroom environment the improvement was instant. Our daughter now sleeps through most nights. We are still working on getting her to sleep without us in the room, but not having to get up multiple times in the night is brilliant.
Davinia Field – March 2016

Thank you so much Dorothy for all of your support and advise!! You really go the extra mile. Highly recommend Dorothy as she’s got such a large amount of diverse knowledge and experience which to me was important! She’s a total lifesaver!!
Sarah Collins – March 2016

Lots of fantastic tips and tricks at our Oh Baby coffee group session today with Dorothy Waide!
Thoroughly enjoyed it. Using the snow angel swaddle now – worked a treat
Kate Wanden – February 2016

Dorothy sorry this is so late…we’ve been too busy having a much happier child who actually sleeps! Just wanted to ensure I sent you a very belated but very big thank you for all your help all those months ago. You were patient and worked with us so well. You didn’t just support our boys wellness and meet his needs, but you focused on me as a mother, and R as a father and us in our new role as parents – giving us the support and encouragement we so desperately needed while we floundered through everything. Just thanks. You are a great woman and honest and real and great to work with – and had the right amount of soft and understanding when needed. Thanks and no doubt we will contact you in the future… x
Hannah Wilson – February 2016

I can’t recommend Dorothy Waide enough!
We have had huge success with our 16 month old girl who would wake at least twice a night (on a good night) and had never, ever slept through the night… Ever. I felt like I couldn’t resettle her without breast feeding, it was too tough and no re-settling techniques that I had tried really worked for us. I just felt like I was fighting with her in the middle of the night.
Now it’s like having a different child!!! Dorothy was very realistic said it could take 10 days to see a dim light at the end of the tunnel… Well, we couldn’t believe it when our lovely rascal slept through (the whole entire night) on the 4th night of our new and improved routine.

Since speaking with to Dorothy 3 weeks ago, our wee girl now has the skills to resettle herself if she wakes in the night (which is now very rare). I don’t even have to leave the comfort of my bed anymore to help her!
The first couple of nights were a little challenging but definitely manageable with the motivation Dorothy gave me to parent our daughter through these changes. What I loved about Dorothy’s techniques was that I didn’t have to leave my wee girl crying all alone.
The resettling techniques and diet advice we were given work fantastically for my daughter.
On behalf of both myself and my husband, thank you, you are the best fairy godmother any family could hope for.
Chloé Bodger – February 2016

Saw Dorothy on Good Morning one morning after a tough night with my baby. Bought her book and studied it! Then the work started… dedication in helping my baby find sleep. Settling and resetting!
I organized a coffee group session with some of my Antenatal group and just loved Dorothy. She is so warm and kind. She has so much knowledge and wants to share it!
He is a great little sleeper now and such a happy baby!
Thank you Dorothy.
Marlé Kuhn – February 2016

Dorothy was a life saver for our family – our baby was waking 8 times a night and I left it for a few months before I rang Dorothy thinking that I was a failure because I couldn’t work it out myself. Don’t leave it! Within 2 days she was only waking once a night and within a couple of weeks she slept right through. And the most important thing for me was that Dorothy came up with ways I was comfortable with, rather than a one size fits all approach. She has helped me through all sorts of things other than sleeping, like weaning and change of day sleeps as we don’t have any parents around to help. I couldn’t recommend Dorothy enough – she is so supportive and amazing. Thanks so much for my sleep and sanity back Dorothy!
Beth Jenkinson – January 2016

Our little girl Amali suffered from reflux and was getting little to no sleep during the day. After reaching out to a number of professionals (with no improvement) my sister recommended Dorothy who had helped her, with her little girl. When I made the initial call Dorothy immediately put me at ease and was willing to provide me with support straight away. After our first discussion we arranged a time to talk further and have never looked back since. Unbeknown to Dorothy she is now affectionately referred to as Aunty Dot in our household. A big thank you from the Swanepoels!!!!
Callè Swanepoel – January 2016