Dorothy helped our family 2 1/2 years ago when our son was sleeping no more than 45 mins at a time during the day.
With the techniques Dorothy provided; our son started sleeping longer and longer very quickly.
We have since had a daughter and we used the same techniques Dorothy provided us with and our daughter has been a great sleeper!
Dorothy’s help changed our lives and we will always be extremely grateful.
We would recommend Dorothy to who may need help, advice and support.
Thank you Dorothy; you are always welcome in our house.
Fraser, Tanya, Xavier & Xanthe
Tanya White β€” November 2014

We have been following Dorothy’s advice for the past 2 years for both our children (2.5 years and 7 months) and cannot thank her enough. With our first we wanted him to fit around our lifestyle but soon realised that it was making our lives very difficult not having a routine in place. It even go to the stage where he was making himself sick to get attention and not go to bed! Dorothy helped us put a routine in place and since then has helped us with many things from getting my daughter off breast to bottle to helping us with our Sons fear of the dark. She has so much experience and knowledge – she will even recommend products to use that I can buy in the UK! We live in London so will skype with Dorothy or communicate through email. The distance has never been an issue as she is very flexible and accommodating. I recommend her to all my friends anywhere in the world.
Amanda Heard β€” December 2014

Expert, hand-holder, agony aunt, voice of reason and amazing support person; these are just some of the roles you have played for us. Thank you so much for everything you have done. Our baby is so happy content and is now sleeping regularly and self-settling like a champ after you came in and reminded us that the best way to learn to be parents is by simply responding to our child with love and patience and helping her learn the tools to sleep – oh and that there is no such thing as a perfect parent or child and setting yourself impossible standards is ridiculous.
I will always recommend your services to any mums who need someone to say that they are doing an amazing job and give advice that works. You always responded promptly and with patience and came to see us when we really needed it. You have been invaluable. Thank you.
Now, each time I feel stressed or confused about what to do, I will think WWDD (what would Dorothy do) πŸ™‚
Angela Hayes β€” December 2014

Dorothy I can’t thank you enough for the support you have given our family with little George, I didn’t think I was ever going to get a full nights sleep again and George was forever going to be overtired. With your nurturing approach and support we were able to get our little boy sleeping during the day and all night. Thank you again so much for helping our family.
Brad White β€” November 2014

Dorothy’s advice and techniques are excellent. I had no clue how to settle my baby and it was slowly driving me mad but as soon as I started following Dorothy’s advice everything got a whole lot easier and he now continues to be a really good sleeper and easy to settle – and a really happy baby! Dorothy’s advice makes so much sense and it made me feel so much more confident to go with my own intuition as she was so supportive. I just wish I had booked her so she was there when baby first arrived!
Emma Cutts β€” November 2014

Dorothy is amazing! After having 3 children you think you know all there is to know but what you don’t realise is how different each baby is and how it all changes when the new baby comes along. Little George at 15mths was not sleeping at all during the day and waking all night, I was at my wits end. Dorothy gave me the support and the knowledge I needed to get my head around that not everyday is going to be the same and you are going to have good and bad days but you can always start again in the morning. Dorothy and I worked together to design a routine that suited not only George but myself, my partner and my 3 older boys busy life. We now have a happy little boy who sleeps twice a day 1.5 – 3 hrs morning and afternoon and then back down for the night!!! at 7.30pm. Thank you Dorothy you are a life saver xxx
Victoria McAllister – November 2014

We had tried everything in our attempts to get our son to sleep. It seemed although we were being consistent and keeping to a routine that nothing ever changed and at 9 months old we were worn out, still living on a newborns 3 hourly schedule.
We thought we were beyond help.
But after an hours Skype meeting and just 5 nights of taking Dorothy’s advice regarding our feeding and sleeping routine our son began to sleep through the night.
I wish we had called her months ago!
Dorothy’s approaches to settling are kind, gentle and loving. We used the Dial Dorothy package and the service was amazing. Quick responses to emails and texts, Dorothy keeps crazy hours, our first meeting was at 10pm at night! You won’t find anybody more dedicated, It is obvious that Dorothy cares a great deal about her clients and is passionate about her work.
She has a gift. Thanks Dorothy!!
Rebekha Stewart β€” October 2014

Dorothy’s recent visit to Ashburton Parents Centre was truly wonderful. Dorothy is as friendly as she is professional, and put attending parents at ease with her practical and enlightening advice. Whilst this was a group session, Dorothy made everyone feel like they had had individual advice. I was a question asker and felt like my questions were comprehensively answered. Dorothy went out if her way to send me extra notes on travelling with a baby, for which I am extreme grateful. I am about to engage with Dorothy to get some more guidance and I thoroughly recommend any parent to do the same. You won’t regret it, she’s the best!
Lorna Humm β€” October 2014

Dorothy was a god send when I was having trouble getting my twinsets had reflux to sleep during the day. They wouldn’t go down and for the next 30 minutes I would be in and out settling before they refused to go back to sleep. Now they go down so easily and sleep well. Dorothy also provided me with emotional support and went above and beyond what we had got her in to help with. She really is the best in the business.
Anna Reeve β€” October 2014

Dorothy was so generous with her time and expertise at a point when we really needed help with getting our baby to sleep after an extended stay in hospital. We now have a happy healthy 3 month old and Dorothy’s methods have been instrumental in achieving this!
F x
Florence Evans – 2014

Dorothy gave me a call free of charge when I contacted her after feeling let down by another sleep consultant. We had paid for consulting services and felt like we didn’t really matter to them just another paying customer. From this one call I could tell she actually cares about helping parents to make sense of all the information and advice they receive. We hated the thought of him crying himselfto sleep to learn to settle himself but her simple advice that you “must give the baby a chance to put themselves to sleep but if they can’t do it help them” was all we needed. She wasn’t telling us we couldn’t pick him up if he cried and that we were spoiling him by doing so. Now our little boy can put himself to sleep most days and knows how to resettle himself at night without any tears. I wouldn’t hesitate in paying for her services in the future
Melanie Kruithof – September 2014

Why oh why did I not think to contact Dorothy sooner?!?! I cannot even begin to explain how comforting and informative our in home consultation with Dorothy was. Her nurturing and loving approach to both bubs and mums was such a breath of fresh air. Never once did she mention that anything we had been doing with my son (now 8 months) was wrong but provided us with a way to move forward that was completely in line with our parenting values that ALSO immediately generated results (sleep oh sweet sweet sleep). When you meet Dorothy or see her speak it is obvious she is doing her life’s work and I feel infinitely grateful that me and my family have benefited from it. When we have a second bubs, we will be getting Dorothy in much sooner! Thank you Dorothy!
Katy Anquetil – September 2014

Dorothy helped us since our daughter was 8 weeks old. We couldn’t thank you enough for practical help and advice we have been getting. Highly recommend to new parents! A+++
Lily Huang – September 2014

Dorothy is incredibly supportive and has a wealth of knowledge and solutions. Her vast experience with babies is evident as she offers much more than a “one size fits all” approach. Dorothy was able to tailor solutions for our family and has helped me get my 7 month old to go from constant waking, hard to settle and absolutely no self-settling and re-settling to being able to do this most of the time now.
As a first time mum I was overwhelmed when I first reached out to Dorothy. The sense of exhaustion and concern we had then is now diminishing and Dorothy’s advice, guidance and tools provided has been god-sent especially at our most difficult time. I’m sure there will be many more to come over the years but I think being a first time mum the first year is the hardest as you end up second guessing yourself as a parent.
I can not thank you enough Dorothy for giving us the most simple strategies that has made motherhood more enjoyable. We now have a transformed gorgeous boy who is happier and healthier.
Dorothy has been quick to respond to all of my numerous questions (for someone who helps with sleep, she always seems to be awake and ready to respond) and has given me such great support, I wish I had gone to her months ago.
Satya Hale – September 2014

I thought after having three kids I would have it sorted. But with number three coming up 14mths and not eating food and waking up every three hours at night for feeding I was a desperate and exhausted lady…..I still had a newborn on my hands. Dorothy to the rescue. I found her services invaluable. Within 5 days I noticed a major improvement and within 12 weeks I not only had a baby sleeping through the night, but he had also started eating solids………..I cannot thank her enough or recommend her enough. I am now getting at least 7 hours sleep at night and am not worried that there is something wrong with him as he is now doing everything he should thanks to Dorothy’s methods and techniques……. Thank-you Dorothy. I am forever grateful for your help and your kindness and for going above and beyond what I expected.
Rebecca Stewart – August 2014

A sample of some of the great feedback we have received after having Dorothy come to speak to us in Masterton – Please pass on our thanks to all involved in the workshop. This morning Kyleigh burst in shouting I did the cupping! I did the cupping! …….her 1 year old son had slept from 5pm until 7am with two short 5 min bursts of cupping! Stayed in his own bed too! She couldn’t believe it!!!! Hopefully he repeats tonight! Cheers Yaaaay!!! Got Miley to sleep, swaddled without feeding her to sleep. She had a little cry but nothing I couldn’t handle and she’s in her own bed. Thank you so much for having Dorothy in Masterton. We’ve had some improvement. Successful resettles leading to longer daytime naps – hooray!
Wairarapa Parents Centre – August 2014

Happy to recommend Dorothy to anyone who wants to be fast tracked to success. Her tactic was trying at the beginning for 1 maybe 2 weeks of learning to self settle but that’s nothing for what results we ended up with. Its well worth getting her services at the beginning i.e 2nd week at home so you are set up from the get go. I’m a very self sufficient mum and my husband is a hands on dad, we like working it out but what Dorothy knows is something we would of never figured out. This would make an amazing gift to new parents (like we received) – they’ll thank you when they figure it all out. Dorothy you are a bloody genius.
Jess Covich – August 2014

Although excited to welcome my first born in to the world, I must admit there was a bit of trepidation as to how my life was going to be turned upside down, especially with all the comments about the “sleepless nights” and “screaming fits” from seasoned parents who seemed to revel in my impending suffering. Dorothy’s advice and learning’s have meant that we get to keep our sanity as well as enjoy all the best parts of being a parent. Not just a recommendation to other parents, it’s mandatory!
Mike Covich – August 2014

After six weeks of our 13 week old baby girl refusing to drink (partly due to silent reflux) I was at my wits end when I stumbled upon Dorothy’s website. We live in rural Southland so was unsure whether someone based in the north island would be of much help, but I was prepared to try anything. After a couple of emails outlining our situation, and a phone convo one Sunday morning, followed by a couple of follow up emails checking how we were getting on, we all of a sudden had a wee girl who was drinking almost double what she had been, and thanks to Dorothy’s advice I managed to stop her catnapping during the day. We cannot thank you enough, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone having any issues with their little ones.
Kylie Helman – August 2014

Dorothy has changed our lives for the better! Sanity has now been restored after seven months of sleepless nights with our second baby. Dorothy was wonderful to have in our home, and worked out a routine and action plan that took our family life (including toddler activity commitments) into account. The gentle approach recommended for our daughter really worked, and we are beyond thrilled. Thank you so, so much Dorothy!
Casey McPike – August 2014

Thanks Dorothy for your advice and support. Our son is sleeping through now after months of waking every 4hrs throughout the night. Your daytime routine and settling techniques have helped us achieve full nights sleep. Your communication is top notch, responding quickly to all my emails no matter what time of day! Thanks again
Louise Manson – August 2014

We were struggling with an 18 month old who would wake screaming very suddenly in the night. Dorothy suggested moving his nap back to after lunch time – such a simple solution, and it worked instantly! Can’t thank you enough for returning the peace to night time in our house πŸ™‚
ZoΓ« Victoria Towers – 2014

An amazing asset to all parents and a friend to all. Always on the top,of my list to recommend
Sarah Cameron – 2014

Dorothy, I cannot thank you enough. Your help, words of wisdom and your warm, encouragement & support has helped change our life. We have a new and improved little man, all thanks to you. We have a near perfect sleeper and have gained our confidence and sanity back! Having you on the end of every email and only a phone call away helped in so many ways. I have no words… except, I love you. Merci, merci, merci!!! X
Ashleigh Lloyd – 2014

Dorothy is sensational. We were given a comprehensive routine to follow that has made out household run a lot smoother as my little boy is now sleeping so much better during the day! He went from 3-4 40 minute sleeps and being frustrated to sleeping 1.5-3hrs twice a day! He’s much happier and it makes life easier for us as parents because his sleeps during the day are so much more refreshing. Can’t recommend highly enough
Shayne Hansen – 2014

I have identical twin boys and I can safely say they weren’t the most settled babies. Luckily at 17 weeks I had one 7 to 7 sleeper and the other never slept a full night. I had done controlled crying at a year with my non sleeper and bedtime extinction at age 2.

At 28 months we had got into the bedtime situation of sitting in the bedroom for 5 minutes then closing the door which ended in my good sleeper crying himself to sleep on the floor and demanding mummy sit. Or sometimes giving in and sitting until they were asleep.

During this time my sleeper suddenly started wakening in the night for hours. It started with a wake up one night I wasn’t at home and daddy didn’t suffice so it went on for 4 hrs before he gave in. The next night it went on for 2.5hrs and he didn’t want me, stood in the hallway, pushed me away, cornered himself at the front door, didn’t want a drink, pee. I was at a loss what to do. This continued for about 3 weeks, I could see a pattern, he woke, came out of his room defiant, fought me sometimes with fists until he calmed, sometimes asked for a pee, then would get himself into bed back to sleep. I usually just sat on the floor ignoring him, saying sleeptime. It got down to 45 mins.

Exhausted and at the point of despair I saw Dorothy, she gave me a plan for bedtime. Both into bed, door open, bedtime routine as normal starting at 6.30, every time they came out they got returned to bed. I decided I would give them 20 mins of this before they got told last chance. Then it was door closed. I carried this out but only closed it for a minute, then opened and said bedtime, into bed boys. After a week i no longer had to close the door, now it’s just brilliant. I have a life by 7.15 pm!

She also advised me to stop daytime sleeps, which were a stress as I was driving them to sleep.

The night times continued and eventually petered out. I followed Dorothy’s advice and cut out sweet deserts and changed to natural yoghurt only and cut out hard cheeses. We kept to the gro clock rules and had a reward which the boys chose to fly a kite with daddy if they stayed in bed all night until mr sun… took a lot of postponing until they eventually managed it all night and got to fly their kites!
Catherine – 2014

It has taken a while, and there have been a few setbacks along the way due to teething and illness but so pleased to say that we now have a little girl that has two 90 minute or more naps every day and sleeps right through the night and does it all falling asleep on her own!
We couldn’t be happier and she is thriving! Thanks so much for your help.
All the best
Kirsty Larsen – 2014

We really enjoyed the munching course [Munching course June/July 2014]! Was really looking forward to getting some idea as to how to introduce solids with our little 5 and half month old. Before we went we found this process a little daunting but after the course we were a lot more confident with how to introduce solids and what signs to look out for. I loved that Dorothy was happy to ask questions at any time and loved her relaxed way about introducing solids and all her little tips were valuable. Thank you again for organising this all and getting these wonderful speakers in my husband and I gained so much from these courses.
Name withheld – 2014

My partner and I just wanted to thank you ever so much for spending time helping us out with our little girl over the last month.
We’ve begun to really enjoy our her thanks to the routine that you put in place for us, and having a little one now seems so much more manageable.
You were wonderful to have in our home and provided us with the reassurance and advice that we needed.
Your service to us has been not only incredibly valuable but we both found you to be a really likeable, friendly and caring person.
Can’t thank you enough! Keep on doing what you do. You are a saving grace for so many families.
Name withheld – 2014

Dorothy was such a great help to us when our daughter was 8 months old. She had been a very unsettled and unhappy baby due to allergies and from this had established very bad feeding and sleeping habits.
Dorothy was in touch with us via email, telephone and Skype for a few days and then we followed up with her a couple of months later through another transition phase. She is very thorough, her advice is practical and given in such a way that she doesn’t make you feel like you are doing a bad job.
You don’t have to be in a dire situation to benefit from Dorothy’s advice, in fact I recommend getting in touch sooner rather than later so that everyone is happy and contented.
Get vouchers for your expectant mum friends!
Thanks Dorothy, you have made the world of difference to us.
Tammy-Lee Holmes – 2014

Dorothy has been so generous with her time and attention when I have needed it and have felt free to reapproach her. Her advice is appropriate and to the point and she individualises that advice based on each baby. Dorothy helped me to start feeding my little boy and get him to start sleeping more appropriately. Even though he has slipped again recently Dorothy has not hesitated to help me further. You are an asset to New Zealand and we are glad you came home.
Kaywyn McNeilly – 2014

If you are considering getting some useful advice then please do not hesitate to contact Dorothy. Her wealth of knowledge has helped us in so many ways. Everything she suggests just works and her knowledge with all ages of children seems endless. We are so grateful to have Dorothy’s expert advice she is truly amazing.
Anna Steiner – 2014

I had the absolute privilege of attending Dorothy’s seminar in Whangarei yesterday – to sum it up – life changing! Thank you so much Dorothy!
Emma Bowering – 2014

So grateful for your time today, I feel a lot more confident putting my 6 month old to bed tonight. Thank you!
Nicky Humphries – 2014

An amazing asset to all parents and a friend to all. Always on the top of my list to recommend.
Sarah Cameron – 2014

Dorothy is AMAZING. Understanding babies is her total genius. Her tips and strategies are practical, nurturing and will make your life a whole lot easier. My family LOVES Dorothy and can’t thank her enough for all she has done to make our transition to parenthood easier
Tammy Hume – 2014

Attended ‘oh baby coffee catch up’ in Whangarei today – very informative! I look forward to trying some of the techniques and things mentioned. Thank you Dorothy! πŸ™‚
Theresa Mischewski – 2014

Dorothy is one amazing woman. She helped me breast feed like a champion and gave me so much guidance on pumping. She helped me from before he was born right up until now. I always no she is there for support and help when ever it is needed. I can not thank her enough. Also her knowledge from the best baby products to buy, to the best supplements to take, to sleep training your baby and the list goes on. She is a very special lady who can and would love to help every one out there. Look no further than Dorothy for all of you and your babies needs. X
Virginia Swan – 2014

Dorothy is truly an amazing lady. She offers sleeping advice that doesn’t involve leaving your baby to cry. This worked well with my attachment style of parenting. I loved that there were no rigid rules and that Dorothy worked out a flexible plan with me that I could manage. Dorothy was honest, non-judgemental, caring and she showed me that anything is possible. What an amazing journey we have been on Dorothy! I will never forget how much you have helped me to become a calmer and more confident mother. I truly cannot thank you enough. I sometimes wish I had found you before my baby was 11 months old, but I remind myself how blessed I was to discover you at all. You will always be a part of our family xxxxxx
Sarah Marr – 2014

Dorothy is just the absolute best, highly recommend her to everyone, she has helped us in so many areas & everything she suggests works! I love it that you get personalised professional help whenever you need it, from such a lovely lady. We are so grateful to have had her expert advice we found it was invaluable. Best money ever spent thanks Dorothy πŸ™‚
Jasmine – 2014

What an amazing lady with amazing advice.
I was desperate exhausted and anxious and depressed and after talking to Dorothy for 10 mins I felt so much better, I am yet to start her advice- which I will be starting tomorrow but I already feel better after hearing her advice. she is so kind and easy to talk to and reassuring. what a treasure to have around for people who are in need of help. thank you so much for your help and time I cant wait to try your advice.
Jess – 2014

Dorothy, you are God’s gift to mothers and babyies. Only 4 days after you visit I now have a son that sleeps through the night whilst for the last 16 weeks he has been waking up every 2 hours. My exhaustion is finally coming to an end and I’m starting to feel like a person again and not a zombie. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Femke – 2014

Highly recommend. No idea how she does/did it. We attended a coffee morning and she had my problems sussed within a 2 minute exchange. Solution provided and worked a treat. Amazing!
Norm & Rach – 2014

Dorothy is AMAZING. Understanding babies is her total genius. Her tips and strategies are practical, nurturing and will make your life a whole lot easier. My family LOVES Dorothy and can’t thank her enough for all she has done to make our transition to parenthood easier.
Tammy Hume – 2014

Dorothy you are amazing! I had a brief Facebook conversation with you a few months ago about my then 11 week old,(he is now 8 months, how time does fly!!!) you gave practical advice and made me feel good about my parenting choices, especially the fourth trimester idea. As I have learnt and journeyed into parenting, I have had rough patches and been overwhelmed by advice. You made me feel so uplifted at that point in time and I still think about your advice often. So thank you for posting FAQ’s on YouTube and for the work you do. I will not hesitate to enlist your help and services if we need to in the future. Thank you again!
Emma Bjorklund – 2014

I want to express our sincere thanks for all the help you have given us since we first contacted you in October last year. In that time, things in our house have improved a great deal, and a lot of that is down to the advise and support you have provided us. Wayde and I were just commenting that your calm “we can get this sorted’ demeanor was exactly what we needed in a time when chaos was reigning! Fred is a different guy now. Although his sleeping is still a work in progress, we are a long way towards where we want to be, and he is a much happier child for the proper sleep he is getting during the day. And a big thank you for allowing us to switch children half way through, and giving us some really valuable advise on coping with Ivy’s anti-social sleeping behavior. That is immeasurably better now too! We are all alot better rested!
I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other mums, and in fact, have already done so. Thank you once again, and all the very best.
Natalie – 2014

Like all the testimonials you will read about Dorothy, I cannot thank her enough for the help (and sanity) she has given me and our family. As a mother of three I did not think I would need any help….how wrong was I? After 12 weeks of struggling to help our son sleep, with reflux and colic, doing everything I knew from our other two children, I finally came to the realisation that I needed HELP. The resettling techniques Dorothy showed me, in my opinion, are the most valuable tools any parent can learn. She helped me put in the hard work which has paid off with a reward that is immeasurable – a settled and happy baby who sleeps and feeds well during the day and sleeps through the night – how can you put a price on that! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dorothy. I would highly recommend anyone slightly struggling with any baby issue to call on Dorothy. My only regret was not getting her help sooner!!
Anna Russell – 2014

Dorothy has been a god sent to me and my bubs! One day when she did her question time I asked about my bubs as I was concerned about her bowel motions! From there Dorothy has given me amazing advice when there is very little info out there on babies with allergies! Where plunket and our GP where totally unhelpful and, dear I say it, useless! Dorothy has given us the advice we needed, and keeps checking up to see how we are going! Very much appreciated!!! Great lady with great advice, there is nothing she doesn’t know!
Jaime Boulton – 2014

Dorothy is incredibly supportive and has a wealth of solutions. Her vast experience with babies is evident as she offers much more than a “one size fits all” approach. I had used another baby sleep consultant in the past but I hadn’t achieved what we needed and it didn’t fit with my parenting style. Dorothy was able to tailor solutions to our family and has helped me get my 8 month old to go from hourly waking to sleeping through the night. Dorothy has been quick to respond to all of my numerous questions (for someone who helps with sleep, she always seems to be awake and ready to respond) and has given me such great support, I wish I had gone to her months ago.
Emily Hogg – 2014

Dorothy is absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t be the mum I am today if it wasn’t for Dorothy. I have gone from a little one who would wake every 20mins to now having the right amount of sleep needed for her age. Mia (7 months old now ) has both silent reflux and reflux so it has been a long journey for us. Dorothy has been there every minute of the day we have needed her. Always with excellent down to earth advice that truly works!!! I have used two other sleep consultants in the past for which could not help me. They didn’t offer the support that Dorothy does. She has gone above and beyond of what i was expecting. Dorothy truly cares about you and your baby. I cant thank and recommend her enough :)….. Thanks so much Dorothy
Jenna – 2014

Thank you SO much for your call a couple of weeks back. Amazing what a difference it has made… A girl that now often sleeps for 1 1/2 – 2 hours at a time and is so much happier (she’s 4 1/2 months and has been a chronic 45 min napped since she was 2 months). In turn a mum that feels so much better. Thank you!
Betsy – 2014