Dorothy Waide Video Tutorial Collection (USB)
Dorothy Waide Video Tutorial Collection (USB)

Dorothy Waide is one of the world’s most sought-after baby sleep consultants and author of You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn: The essential Kiwi guide to nurturing your baby in the first three months & Simply Parenting: from 12 weeks to 12 months now shares her 30 years of experience in these essential, concise, tutorial videos to help all sleep deprived, time-poor parents.

  • Burping
  • Bathing & Changing
  • Feeding
  • Settling
  • Swaddling

This makes a fabulous gift for new parents.

If you would like to view the videos in a downloadable format, you are able to purchase these individually on Dorothy’s Tools & Tutorials page.

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Introduction to Tutorial Videos
Introduction to Tutorial Videos

A short introduction to Dorothy Waide’s tutorial video series.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)

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dorothy drops qbaby
Dorothy Drops

Dorothy Drops provide support for the healthy function of your baby's digestive system. Blended for clients of Dorothy Waide.

Ingredients: Carbo Veg 30c, Colocynth 30c, Cuprum 30c

Directions: Take 5 drops 3-6 times daily.

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Dorothy Waide’s Tools & Tutorials Bundle
Dorothy Waide’s Tools Bundle (excl. videos)

A discounted package to gain access to this great bundle of Dorothy Waide’s Tools listed in the Baby Help “Tools & Tutorials” section. Downloadable charts for ages and stages from Newborn to Toddlers.

  • Routine & nap guidelines
  • Introducing Solids Package
  • Dorothy’s Toddler Pack


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Baby Feeding Tutorial
Video: Baby Feeding Tutorial

Video step-by-step baby feeding tutorial for Dorothy’s go-to techniques for young babies, bottle feeding and formula preparation. All you need to know for feeding young babies.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)


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Dorothy Waide baby burping video tutorial
Video: Baby Burping Tutorial

Video step-by-step tutorial for Dorothy’s go-to burping technique for young babies. Well worth a look if your baby is uncomfortable.

(Please note that downloadable video files are not compatible to Apple iphone or ipad devices.)


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Routine + Naps Guidelines
Routine & Nap Guidelines

Five downloadable charts with routine and nap guidelines for your baby. Suitable from newborn through to toddler stage.

  • General Guidelines for Babies
  • Nap Guide
  • General guideline notes for newborns to 12 weeks
  • Daily Routine Guide for Babies 4mths+ (wakes 6.30am)
  • Daily Routine Guide for Babies 4mths+ (wakes 7am)


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Introducing Solids Package
Introducing Solids Package

From introduction of solids right through to suggested menu on a full diet.

PDF download that covers:

  • What food to introduce first?
  • Which mealtime to introduce first?
  • Baby lead weaning?
  • One meal a day progressing to three meals a day
  • An introduction to Dorothy’s Vegetables
  • Dorothy’s guideline routine for babies on three meals a day
  • Suggested Menus for Babies on Full Diet


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Dorothy's Toddler Pack
Dorothy’s Toddler Pack

Seven downloadable charts to help with the transition from baby to toddler, focused on toddler routine and feeding.

– (A1) Variable start time – 10 mths plus – 3 1 /2 hour wake cycles (2 naps minimum 1 1 /2 hours)
– (A2) Variable start time 10mths plus – 3 1 /2 hour wake cycles (with 1 Band-aid and 1 nap)
– (B1) General guidelines for toddlers (2 naps per day)
– (B2) Toddler nap – moving to one nap with variable nap time
– (B3) General guidelines for toddlers – (1 nap per day)
– How to use the toddler guideline routines
– Toddler snacks


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TeethEase Gel
TeethEase Gel 15g

QBaby TeethEase Gel is a 100% natural teething gel free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and harmful sugars. As your baby’s first teeth start to grow from around six months old, it can be a rather uncomfortable time for them. Providing your baby with the most natural support during this process is vital to their health and happiness.

Benefits of QBaby TeethEase Gel:

– 100% totally natural ingredients
– Contains no artificial colours, flavours or additives
– Supports the emerging teeth and gums
– Maintains a healthy oral environment
– Gentle action

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NUK No-mess Suction Bowls orange
NUK No-mess Suction Bowls
  • Non-removable suction base helps prevent spills
  • Deep, rounded sides offer easy scooping
  • Ergonomically designed for easy holding
  • Contains two bowls and two lids
  • In two fresh food colours
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NUK Tri-Suction Bowls orange
NUK Tri-Suction Bowls

Extra-strong grip saves spills

  • Bowls with 3 suction cups to stick better
  • Strong suction prevents messes and spills
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Larger bowl for larger toddler portions
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NUK Rest Easy Spoons
NUK Rest Easy Spoons
  • Supportive base keeps germs off the spoon and mess off the table
  • Spatula edge helps wipe food from baby’s face
  • Super soft tip gentle on teeth and gums
  • Long handle reaches bottom of tall jars
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