screenaway retractable blinds blackout
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Screenaway Blinds are unlike standard roller blinds they have aluminium tracks up the window that house the blind, so there are no gaps on either side nor are there hazardous cords or chains for little hands to reach. With this design we can achieve a room that is completely black and they have fantastic thermal qualities it is just like double glazing.

Complete blackout blinds are fantastic for sleeping or as a privacy blind keeping out the light whether it’s bedrooms, Media rooms, internal windows separating rooms in a small apartment or studio, skylights or windows that are difficult to reach. The blinds can be operated by a remote or manually and mounted Vertically from the top, bottom or horizontally.

The insect screens operate the same way as the blackout screens the mesh sits in an aluminium track around the reveal of the window, ensuring no insects get through.

Discreet, affordable and innovative, the ScreenAway Retractable Blind and Screen is a mark of quality. Its versatility makes it suitable for all sizes of window and skylight, while its unique, made-to-measure design allows for easy installation and maintenance. The elegant, practical build of the ScreenAway system makes it the perfect accompaniment to your window reveal.

Built for practicality the ScreenAway Retractable Screen easy access system allows for a trouble free clean, while its cordless retractable design ensures perfect, obstruction free views. A state-of-the-art pulley mechanism means your screen will simply ‘disappear’ into the frame itself, making it one of the most attractive, slimline screen products available.

The ScreenAway Retractable Blind system provides many of the same benefits while also blocking out light with stunning effectiveness. ScreenAway’s innovative cordless system means no hazardous chains or cords, and a wide range of different colour options guarantees a match to compliment every home’s décor.

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