Dorothy Waide, New Zealand’s most experienced sleep consultant and baby book author, offers a range of consulting services starting from choosing a PDF, her books, video tutorials through to different types of long distance support to in-home support.

Dorothy also offers workshops which include businesses for upskilling their skills through to coffee groups.

Her approach is holistic as she deals with both sleep, feeding and food, embracing individual families’ needs, environments and lifestyle. When babies are not sleeping and it is easy to become overwhelmed and not know what to do. Dorothy is here to help and support families by sharing her knowledge and skills with sleeping, feeding (breast and bottle support) and food.

Dorothy is experienced with twins and does not charge additional for multiples.

Nurture VIP Group with Dorothy Waide

Dorothy Waide’s private Facebook Group is where parents can chat to each other, share their experiences and get support long distance with Dorothy. There is no judgement and parents are free to talk openly. Dorothy pops in on a weekly basis to answer any questions. Here you can also download all her many resource PDFs – all of this for only $10.00 a month.

Video Tutorial Collection

A selection of helpful videos by Dorothy Waide available as instant downloads:

  • Baby bathing & changing
  • Baby feeding
  • Baby burping
  • Baby swaddling
  • How to settle your baby

Dorothy’s books

You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn reveals Dorothy’s nurturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby and teaching them to self-settle and resettle. She also shares advice on solving common feeding issues and managing time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following birth.

Simply Parenting: From 12 Weeks to 12 Months picks up on where Dorothy’s first book left off, outlining all the parenting options from the end of the newborn stage until the beginning of toddlerhood, using matter-of-fact language to gently guide you to make the decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Personal Consultations

Dorothy offers a range of consulting services that make her baby nursing expertise and experience accessible wherever you are.

You can talk to Dorothy by telephone, video call and face-to-face in your own home, or using a combination that works for you.

One-off phone/video support

$85 incl. GST

Perfect if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the support/books out there and you just want to check in with Dorothy and have questions regarding your baby’s sleep, feeding or food.

Two options:

  1. 40-60 minutes (first call) + 30 minute follow up call in 10 days
  2. 40-60 minutes (first call) + 15 minute call in 5 days + 15 minute call in 10 days

Three calls phone/video support

$230 incl. GST

Would you like to have more on-going support as you navigate your parenting journey, particularly if you’re overwhelmed with sleep deprivation and need support with your baby’s sleep, feeding and food. This is for parents who just need additional long-distance support while they are navigating their parenting journey.

Call durations:

  • 60-90 minutes (1st call)
  • 30-60 minutes (2nd call)
  • 15-30 minutes (3rd call)

These calls are normally 10 days apart with one email between the calls and if needed you can bring these calls closer together if you are are requiring more support. The second call will discuss how the plan is working and what the next steps are. It is very common at this stage for parents to feel as though they havent made the steps in the right direction, so this is a chance to go over what is happening and amend accordingly to get things back on track.

The third call will be focused on finalising the routine that parents can work towards over a longer period.

D.O.T. (Dorothy On Tap)

$285 incl. GST

This package for parents if they need to continue with long distance support. It consists of 4 calls and you can use them all in one month or you can have one call a month and it expires at the end of 4 months. This is ideal for parents who have no village or support around them, and just need that extra person to support them in their parenting journey.

You can buy monthly this package or as required or you can buy 6 months in advance and receive 1 month free.

  • 2 calls approx. 40-60 minutes each
  • 2 calls approx. 30-45 minutes each

In-Home Consultation


$630.00 incl. GST (+ travel costs)

  • 2 hour in-home
  • plus 1 month D.O.T.

If you prefer the hands-on approach and have someone in home face-to-face, this is the ideal package for you. Dorothy finds that it is the perfect in-home for newborns in particular. Dorothy will give you hands-on support and guidance to address your issues and help you with your parenting journey which then will continue long distance support for one month with the D.O.T. package.


$630.00 incl. GST (+ travel costs)

  • 4 hour in-home
  • 10 days long distance support

This is the ideal package if you are struggling and need in-home support for 4 hours. Dorothy will give you hands-on support and guidance to address your issues and help you along your parenting journey. You will also have 10 days long distance support so that any questions you have can be answered.

8 hour in-home consultation

$720 incl. GST (+ travel costs)

If you are wanting more guidance with setting up a nursery, looking at your routine which includes feeding, sleeping and food and you just need to have some time to yourself, especially if you have more than one child, then this would work for you. It gives you a much-needed time out from baby to concentrate on other family members.

Also, if you are hiring a nanny and need support to train them this is the ideal package.

If you’re sleep deprived and just need respite then again this is the consult for you. You can also tailor make this consult to suit the hours you need support with – additional hours are $75.00 per hour incl. GST.

12 hour in-home consultation

$925 incl. GST (+ travel costs)

This consult is particularly helpful to parents who wish to be supported through say a full day or a full night, taking the opportunity to look at the entire flow in that time period including feeding, sleep and food. As well as having time to relax or have some sleep with Dorothy on hand.

24 hour in-home consultation

$1450 incl. GST (+ travel costs)

This consult is for parents who need 24 hour cover and support with feeding, sleeping and food. If you require more than a one off 24 hours then you will receive a discount depending on the length of the job.

Travel Costs:

I am based in Papamoa but I travel to where I am needed. I have a client base in Auckland so come up on a regular basis.
I can travel to the South Island however flights and accommodation (if applicable) may apply. Price on application.


Will be at the discretion of Dorothy however a $15.00 payment will be deducted with all refunds.

International Clients:

All the above consultations are available for overseas clients and Dorothy does travel internationally. Please email to discuss

Workshops/Coffee Groups:

Information about booking Dorothy for speaking at events/workshops or coffee group can be found here: