You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn

Dorothy Waide's new book


Dorothy Waide’s new book!

You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn reveals my nurturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby and teaching them to self-settle and resettle. I also share advice on solving common feeding issues and managing time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following birth.

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The first three months of a newborn baby’s life offer new parents a unique opportunity to lay a solid and loving foundation that will last a lifetime. It is also when parents — whether first-time or not — need unfailing support to help them deal with the countless decisions they face every day.

You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn reveals my nurturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby and teaching them to self-settle and resettle. I also share advice on solving common feeding issues and managing time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following birth.

You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn is written for fatigued, time-poor parents. The details are clear and succinct, using bullet points, photographs and illustrations for quick reference. It is structured by topic rather than developmental stages, acknowledging that babies grow at different rates.

Reassuring without being prescriptive, it takes into account modern lifestyles and recognises that every baby — and every parent — is different.


Dorothy your book has been a godsend for us and our newborn son. After really struggling through our first week trying to get our wee man to sleep, I decided to follow the book to the letter. Worked like a charm! I think more than anything it empowers us as parents to know how to respond and keep our heads together when dealing with a distressed baby. There’s always something we can do. It’s straightforward, practical, and always nurturing. Our wee man knows he can feel safe and secure and loved which is what every parent hopes to provide. Thank you for putting everything you know into what has become our Bible. Now what do we do after 3 months? thanks again, Eva, Josh and baby Joe x
Eva Wong – January 2016

Hi Dorothy, I brought your book yesterday, you simply can’t spoil a newborn add a present for my sister who is pregnant. I ended up sitting down and ready the whole thing last night, I couldn’t put it down! I love your beliefs on giving parents choices so they can find what suits them and their baby. So much advice you get from others is that their way is the one and only way, but one size doesn’t fit all. I really wished I’d had this book when my little girl was born. I’ve told my husband we are buying a copy before the next baby as it is such a great tool for new mums! This will be my new gift to give to mums to be, it truly is wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to write down some of your wisdom for us mums to use!
Megan Molloy – November 2015

I really enjoyed your book – it was very reassuring to known that I can never spoil my newborn and that being relaxed, flexible and show her all the love in the world is the best recipe for success. As a result I am lucky to have newborn who has slept through the night since she was 5 weeks old. Thank you
Amber Quinnell – September 2015

Hi Dorothy.. I bought your book yesterday and had a read last night.I’ve never been a fan of crying it out. It doesn’t sit right with me.. plus I have knowledge about child development through studying ECE. Your settling technique still involved a lot of crying from my 4 month old but it only took until the end of the second 3 min interval for him to be asleep. The tears did upset me but I remained as calm as can be. He woke after 30 mins but I just successfully resettled him in my arms using the same technique. I find your book to be so child driven which is a lovely change from the other techniques designed to be there for parents convenience. I am all for nurture and I am hoping by being consistent with this technique.. then eventually transferring it to the cot instead of in my arms we will all get some better sleep. Thanks again from one very tired Mumma!
Zoë Farnath – September 2015

Loved this book, love the layout and the information. Also a second time mum but still really appreciated the information on settling and colic and reflux etc as every baby is different and each time is all so new! It’s such a reassuring read when you hear so many people telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing, you just want someone to make you feel like you are doing the best for your baby- nurturing, and this book felt like that
Jenna Haack – August 2015

Love your book Dorothy! Easy to read and very informative 🙂
Jade Harrewijn – August 2015

Have really enjoyed the book. It is well laid out and easy to read. The information on settling and resettling has been really helpful for my boy who won’t nap during the day anywhere other than my arms.
Leah Smith – August 2015

Loved this book, read it in two days. So much great practical information! Have recommended it to lots of my friends
Gina Carr – August 2015

I’m a Midwife and a mum of three beautiful boys. I’ve always had a passion for education about baby sleeping. I picked up your book ‘You can’t spoil a newborn baby’ at a homebirth I attended this week and had a good read through it. Absolutely loved it, is everything I try to teach mums all in one book! Thanks so much! !!
Sarah O’Donnell – August 2015

I’m a first time mum of a 3 week old and have found your book fantastic! My partner and I were so confused by all the different advice and recommendations we were receiving and your book has summed things up for us and reinforced the advice from our LMC. I’ve dipped in and out of it having purchased it before he was born. I have a happy little fella.
Claire Walker – August 2015

Beautifully laid out with gorgeous photography it is a site for a new mummy’s sore eyes. Practical and easily digestible.
Debi Ann Meadows – August 2015

Easy to read, especially when you have a crying baby you are trying to implement your techniques on. Thanks smile emoticon.
Stephanie Dalton – August 2015

I found this such a great book & wish I had read it a bit earlier. It’s encouraging to mums instead of some other books I’ve read that make you feel that you’ve been doing it all wrong. I did have a few questions after reading it and can’t quite manage the supine engulf hold somehow but I guess there’s always the option of contacting you for a consultation. Thanks!
Alisha Wiseman – August 2015

The perfect book, so wish I had it for my first born who was very unsettled as the book would have helped a very unsure first time mum. Would have been nice to see a little more information on breastfeeding such as over supply and forceful letdown? Had scary experience with bub2 choking on breastmilk because of the force of the milk coming out! I am sooooo glad I bought it and recommend it for all first time parents! My most favourite part of the book is the bottle feeding section, I had problems with breastfeeding Bub1 and felt like a complete failure because I desperately wanted to bf but also because of society pressure to bf. Finally a professional who is realistic and reassuring that bottle feeding is perfectly fine.
Tania Lee Charteris-Bakker – August 2015

I heard about the book while I was pregnant, so I requested it from the library in the hopes I could get my hands on it in good time. I was able to get it when my newborn was 2 weeks old, which literally saved our sanity. She’s our second child, so part of you figures that you should “know it all” but we didn’t, plus she is different than her sister. I started to read it while I was up constantly feeding. I tried what felt right to me, which Dorothy is supportive of in the sense of acknowledging that parent’s will ultimately do what is best for their child. I appreciated the feeling that there is never one right way to do things, but options for you to try till you sort out what works in your home. We’ve gone from feeding every hour at night and having teary days where all I can do is hold her to 3 1/2 hourly feeds and napping so I can get things done during the day. Our daughter is now 3 weeks and 2 days old – we’ve gone from zombies to get regular exhausted (but happy!) parents. This book is straightforward, honest, helpful and easy to read. Dorothy repeats the most important pieces that your tired brain can forget! Thank you SO MUCH for helping us ease our new addition into our busy household.
Melissa Watt – August 2015

I’m a Midwife of 18 years, and always struggle to find books I can fully recommend. But this one is a treasure! Clear and too the point! You CANT spoil a newborn, nurture, nurture, nurture. Feed and sleep! You have broken through the clutter of all the “opinions”, and with wisdom, gentleness and flexibility, you’ve encouraged mums and Whanau to nurture their newborns! Brilliant! Thanks!
Veronica Storey – August 2015

Just wanted to say I received your book in the post yesterday and love it so much I can’t put it down! To all parents including new Mum’s and Mum’s to be like myself, I’d highly recommend you get your hands on this amazing and hugely valuable book!!
Emma Fisher – July 2015