NUK Rest Easy Spoons

NUK Rest Easy Spoons in 2 fresh colours


  • Supportive base keeps germs off the spoon and mess off the table
  • Spatula edge helps wipe food from baby’s face
  • Super soft tip gentle on teeth and gums
  • Long handle reaches bottom of tall jars

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A spoon for a new learning stage

As your child’s activity increases, so too do his nutritional requirements. Your baby will first start on solid foods from 6 months old. The NUK Rest Easy Spoon makes this transition from breast or bottle to the first solid feed easier.

  • with a soft tip – gentle on teeth and gums
  • easy grip handle – making independent feeding easier
  • spatula bowl shape – easily scoops and wipes
  • spoon rest – designed to keep the spoon off the table, reducing mess and germs


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