NUK No-mess Suction Bowls

With soft silicone spout


  • Non-removable suction base helps prevent spills
  • Deep, rounded sides offer easy scooping
  • Ergonomically designed for easy holding
  • Contains two bowls and two lids
  • In two fresh food colours

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Eating correctly has to be learnt! So that children still have fun while practising to eat and drink without your help at family mealtimes, there are a lot of very useful NUK tableware products with well thought-out shapes.

The No-Mess Suction Bowl is a great help when feeding, even when the little ones want to feed themselves. A suction pad on the underside ensures stability and the sloping rim makes it particularly easy to spoon out all the food. The accessories are also well thought through and in-keeping with the needs in a baby’s home: the bowl has two lids – one which is vented for warming food in the microwave and a second,for transporting or storing meals in the fridge.

The NUK No-mess Suction Bowl is microwave and dishwasher-proof

The NUK No-mess Suction Bowl: the first step on the way to eating like the big ones!


  1. Karen Wright

    Found this bowl excellent for feeding my twins. The suction base was really effective in stopping the bowl from flying off the table from little hands. Being microwave safe made it more practical to use than some other brands. I would definitely recommend this product.

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